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Similar to most gals out there, I've had my bridesmaids lined up longer than I have had a ring on my finger. The fabulous party includes a few college friends, a few friends from the days when I rocked braces, a sister, and a future sister in law.  I love them all dearly and thus far we've had entirely too much fun planning out the logistics. I am so close with my girls that I would say we've taken more of a democracy approach to all things bridesmaid rather than perhaps… a dictatorship?
I knew right off the bat that I could never pick out a dress for the entire party to wear without at least a little bit of inner-party consultation. I also knew that between my work schedule and the cross-continental location of my bridesmaids, the best way for us to shop would be online. Before diving into online dress shopping, I had to establish the style, colors, and feel I was going for with my upcoming wedding. Once I figured out the style [casual and summery], the colors [grey and yellow], and the feel [whimsical, indie], we finally had some parameters to work with. For me, one of the most important factors was price. I could never forgive myself if I asked my ladies to dish out rent money just to be by my side on my important day. I was determined to find them something wonderful for under $100.
And…I did it!
Drum Roll Please…..This is the final decision and beautiful garment my lovely ladies will be donning on my wedding day costing them a mere $54 from I HIGHLY recommend checking out ModCloth for some unique and generally affordable bridesmaid dresses for your girls.

affordable bridesmaid dresses


But how did we get here, you ask?
Through so much dedicated research of course! Online shopping, while convenient and often thrifty, can also be tricky. While shopping for bridesmaid dresses I figured out a few tips I have learned along the way that I would love to share!
#1. Buy Retail. It is often more cost effective to purchase dresses that aren't meant as bridesmaid dresses. I've seen some bridesmaid dresses run upwards of $350!
#2. Communicate. Never hesitate to email/chat a company and ask how many dresses of a certain design they have left in stock. The dress we ended up buying had a risk of selling out, and upon chatting with the ModCloth I learned that there were only 5 mediums left! Needless to say we hurried and bought the lot!
#3. Think of your girls. Ordering dresses online is actually very convenient if you are a like me, and you have bridesmaids spread all over the country. I simply shot an email saying when to all the ladies, and they ordered the dresses themselves.
#4. Shop Your Favorites. Do you have a few favorite stores? Sign up for their newsletters to receive the word on sales. Also, don't forget about holiday sales, Memorial Day is coming up!
#5. Think Ahead. If there are enough in stock, consider ordering one dress ahead to check for quality and sizing before having the rest of your girls order.
Any other online shoppers out there with tips to share?


affordable bridesmaid dresses

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  • Mel

    I ditto everything you said! I could not dream of asking my gals to spend over $100 on the dress. I found a great deal online and even ordered them all together to spare everyone the $12 shipping cost. Total cost – just $85 including tax! Love it!

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