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I've gotten some inquiries asking about how the wedding website/ online RSVP thing is working out. And also for the wording on the RSVP card itself. Since inquiring minds want to know… I thought I'd share. 🙂

The left side of the card says:

“The favor of a reply is requested by <insert date here>. Please RSVP on our wedding website:”

On the right side is a little illustration of what the view on our page looks like. It has 6 pics that link to different areas: details, registry, photos, RSVP, etc. I labeled the RSVP box in the illustration so people could see it visually. Here's what the actual page looks like, so you can see a comparsion:
Online RSVP Online RSVP

when you roll your mouse over each box, it pops out with the info on it, so you can see, the bottom left square is our online RSVP.

The text under the illustration reads:

“TO RSVP: Navigate your web browser to www. Click the bottom left square labeled ‘RSVP' to submit your RSVP. Fill in the information in the appropriate boxes: your names and the number of people attending. If you will not be attending, please put ‘NO' in the ‘# Attending?' box If you are unable to go to our website, please call Jessica at <insert phone number here> to RSVP. Thank you! We look forward to celebrating with you!”


So far it has worked out really well. Already 25-30% of our guests have RSVPed and it's been a week. I used to make the website- it's not free, but it is flash (aka Fancy and FAB) and pretty customizable so I didn't mind paying for it. I found a 50% off coupon on when I signed up so I got a good deal! I think it was like $35 with the coupon- but you get a custom domain name and it's good for a year! You also get a two week trial to test it out with your info inputted into it so you can see how you like it before you purchase! I totally recommend WedORama. 🙂

When someone submits an RSVP, it sends me an email to the address of my choice, which looks like this:

Dear Jessica and Eric,

You have received the following RSVP from your website:

We hope you can join us! Please enter all of the information below.

Your Name(s):
Mr. and Mrs. So-and-So

Attending? (Yes or No):

Total # Attending:

Please enter your email address.:
[email protected]

From there I just have been keeping track of the RSVPs in a spreadsheet I created when I collected our addresses. This system works for me, but others might think it should keep track of it for you. Personally, I like knowing that it is accurate because I'm the one keeping track of the numbers. So far, no one has called to RSVP- both sets of our grandparents have even figured out how to RSVP online with our handy-dandy instructions- so don't be scared to do an online RSVP! It's cheap and eco-friendly. 🙂

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  • Tenille

    Love it. Loves it so much. I’m also giving friends and family that option. Sweet.

  • Melissa

    We also asked for RSVPs through our wedding website. So glad we did it this way. We used NearlyWed’s site and it seems to work the same way.

  • Bobbi

    Thanks so much for posting about this – I am planning on doing the same thing now! It will save us a lot of money on invitations and I’ll be able to apply that to our budget elsewhere :). Thanks again!

  • sgdish

    Great idea and keeps you organized without paper all over the place!

  • I am also doing online RSVP. My invites simply say “RSVP and get more details at” I set up the RSVP page using a Google Docs form, so every RSVP goes straight into a spreadsheet. (We’ve been using Google Docs to track pretty much everything related to the wedding.)

    We just mailed the invites at 6 p.m. last night, and people started receiving them this morning. Craziness! Very glad we can start to get immediate responses online. It saves paper waste, money and time.

  • Meghan

    My FI and love this idea, esp. since we have no over 65 invited to our wedding. But my mother thinks it is tacky. How did your mother feel about it? And now that the wedding is done, were you pleased with an online rsvp system? Did you get any comments from guest about it?

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