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Hello hello!

Soooo my first year teaching is officially OVER and I'm packing up my apartment in the town that I was teaching in and moving back to Grand Rapids. I'm actually moving back in with my parents (this is probably as budget savvy as you can get pre-wedding, right!?) (Although I hope I make it through the next four months with my sanity in tact) (I love you, mom!).

As I am packing up everything, though, I am noticing that I might have a little problem that I thought I would share to see if I'm in the same boat as anyone else:

Bridal Magazines
This may be a bit obsessive. I even have a double!

I realize that this might not look like a lot, but don't worry: I have PLENTY more bopping around in my car, at my mom's house, and even at Justin's. This is just a snapshot (oh dear). The problem is, what seems like a little innocent purchase reeeeeeeeeeeeally adds up after it's done a few times. And that's reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally not good when there is a beautiful, wonderful, perfect, and COSTLY wedding to pay for, too!

My problem is that whenever I go to the grocery store to pick up a few things, I usually (somehow!) end up coming home with a new one. Let's say for math purposes that each of these bridal magazines cost $5 each (unfortunately, some of them are a bit more, but let's roll with it). That puts just what's on the table at a bit under $100 (the book was a bit more expensive) and that does not even COUNT the ones I have strewn elsewhere in my life! $100!? That's a few meals at the reception! Or another layer of cake! Or a couple of centerpieces! Or more flowers!

So, really, this isn't the best move, budget-wise. I mean OF COURSE they really can be totally helpful and are absolutely awesome for some new ideas and to see what's up in wedding world, but it's just so much money that could be put into other (more tangible) aspects of my wedding. And when I think of it that way… shoot!

However, there is one fantastic idea that I found that I really must share and want to incorporate into my wedding plans SOMEWHERE (it's from the April issue of Brides, by the way) (because clearly I am an expert):

Bridal Magazines
It's chalkboards! I love it!

…I'm not entirely sure if this actually goes with all of my other plans, BUT there's no better way to find out than to try it, right? Justin and I were looking in a few antique shops awhile ago and stumbled upon the cutest chalkboard that we thought we could use as a welcome sign into our reception. Maaaaaybe we'll just have to come up with a few more ways to incorporate this cute idea!

So, anyway, now that I made my confession, is there anyone out there with the same problem!? Or other less-than-budget-savvy problems in general? Maybe we could start a support group… (:


Bridal Magazines

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  • Shannon

    Hi Katie! I want to let you know that I have the SAME EXACT PROBLEM as you…and my love for magazines isn't just limited to wedding mags, but also general "women's interest" and it's out of control! I get several in the mail each month and now that I'm engaged, I buy every wedding magazine I see! lol Oh well, I just love reading them, even now that I have some things figured out. Also – I loved the chalkboard idea in Brides Magazine when I saw it a few months ago and I'm going to use it, too! 🙂 Thanks for writing this, it made me feel better to know I'm not alone!

    • THANK YOU for validating me, too (: I'm glad it's not just me!!

  • You are not alone Katie! All I can say is that if you end up buying more flowers, well, its not a bad thing. A bride can never buy too many flowers! 🙂 ~Nicole

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