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Oy. The decisions one must make during wedding planning… because you can try and put them off for as long as possible but eventually – they needs to be made, y’all. One of those major decisions has hit The Boy and I right smack dab in our collective faces, too. And that decision is – where will we be honeymooning?

From the moment we began planning a wedding, we also knew that we wanted to do a honeymoon. See, one of the major reasons that we’re getting married is because we want kids (not romantic but very true) and, due to our ages, we really do need to start trying pretty soon after we get married. So, a honeymoon would be more to us than a fun trip together post-wedding. It’ll be our last big vacation without kids for a long, long time. Because of that, we really want to do it up right.

So, we’ve been tossing around ideas for places to go and have been trying really hard to come up with a compromise. I want the beach. He wants history (actually, he wanted to go to a hunting lodge but there is NO WAY IN @*%*% I’m spending my vacation butchering something thankyouverymuch). Anyhoo, we’ve narrowed it down to three options:
honeymoon LondonLondon

The Boy was stationed in England and Wales in the early 1980’s and LOVED it. Unfortunately, due to the political climate of the time, he was never allowed to visit Ireland and that’s always bugged him. Also, one of his good friends (whom I adore) is currently stationed there and it would be fun to see him again.

honeymoon CreteCrete
The beach! Yummy food! History! This is the one that I’m pulling for, especially after we discovered the a title=Armed Forces Vacation Club  – they offer killer deals on lodging all over the world to members of the armed forces and veterans. We found out that you can rent a fully furnished apartment only 100 meters from the beach for just $53.00 a day. A DAY! Score

honeymoon New OrleansNew Orleans
This is our ohmygodwehavenomoney option. Neither of us has been there before and, after the devastating one-two combo of Hurricane Katrina and Gulf Coast spill, we loved the idea of helping support the economy with our tourist dollars. Plus, we love eating fresh seafood and mocking drunk people (preferably at the same time).
So, have any of you made your honeymoon plans yet? How’d you make the decision? Which place do you think we should pick? Are any of you going to (or have any of you been to) London, Greece, or New Orleans? What should we know before we go?

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Cris is an Alaskan bred bride who planned a Texas wedding for $5,000. She loves french fries, blue-eyed men, cold weather, and sleeping. Visit her on her blog Kiss My Tulle.

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  • We honeymooned in Ireland, and CANNOT WAIT to go back. It’s breathtakingly beautiful over there, and the people are so sweet. I’ll cast a vote for London, no hesitation! 🙂

  • Karina

    I also vote for London! I am planning to have our honeymoon in Ireland, so I am all for it! 🙂

  • If you need any tips at all for London, let me know. Ive been there many times and can narrow down where to stay and what to see (my first job was and is travel writing). Ive never been to Greece, but thatd be my first choice too! You got it – amazing food, amazing beaches, amazing culture. Go for the gold!
    New Orleans is on my must-do shortlist. Ive got a friend who knows some great places around there, so if you go with that, hit me up too.

    Go for Greece though – and when you have your kids, you can help them with their Western European History homework like nobodys business.

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