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So I've got some GREAT news!!! E and I found our venue!! Yay!

Sam Davis Home and Plantation venuePhoto from the Historic Sam Davis Home and Plantation.

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  • Guilty Secret

    Hooray! Once you find the venue it just all starts becoming so real, doesn’t it? And your place is gorgeous! I love the brick path as an aisle and you’ll be able to make it so pretty with lights and stuff 🙂

  • kay*

    that is a gorgeous GOREGOUS venue. Love it.
    i think putting twinkley lights in the trees flanking the porch would be lovely but depends on what the time…if the sun hasn’t begun tp set yet it wont really have the same effect as it would once it gets a bit darker-just something to consider :o)

  • Lovely! I’m very jealous. 🙂 Two things: 1.) If you can’t have the wedding until after 5, set it for more like 7 and have a cocktail reception. You can get chic high-tops and have a couch lounge or something fun like that.. And 2.) for the porch of the house, some ribbons cascading down or swags of gauzy fabric could be nice, especially if there’s some kind of breeze going on. Anyways, just some thoughts! Glad you found a venue, now let’s pray for no rain. 🙂

  • holy crap! that place is awesome, great find!!!

  • WOW!

  • I love it!! Soooo pretty!!
    Now comes the fun part!

  • Kim

    Jessica! This is too funny: Susan told me you’d decided on the Sam Davis Home for your wedding and I googled it (“Sam Davis Home wedding” was my search) since I’ve never been to a wedding there. You blog popped right up — imagine my surprise when I saw whose it was!!

    Ideas for the house decor: use a greenery garland on the upper porch, and do the same on the lower side porch rails, then stretch it to create a faux rail between the two posts on the lower part (each side of the doorway opening) to match the real railing on top — fabric would be really pretty to use for this, too. Make a fabric “runner” to attach top to bottom (tape to the back side of the doors so they lay flat) on each door in your pretty teal/green color, about 18 – 24″ wide so you still see white on either side, and attach a wreath from a coordinating ribbon hanger in the center of each in your yellow flowers. It would also be pretty to put a matching wreath on each window, at least on the lower floor, or in the center of each shutter. Cluster some pots of greenery on the steps on either side of the center aisle to give some color there — you can add flowers if you can afford it. On the garlands/wreaths, etc. — you could mix silk (I know from the blog that you want all fresh, but you can do a lot of the work ahead with silk!) and fresh so that it looks real from a distance but you save some time and money. A friend of mine at work just went to a big-bucks wedding at Cheekwood and all the table centerpieces were mixed silk and fresh; she said it was gorgeous, and the only way she could tell the difference was by touching the arrangements. Oh, and that walkway just cries out for shepherd’s crooks — if your wedding is after dark, lanterns would be beautiful! Hope this makes sense; I can definitely picture it in my head.

    Here are some great little vases that would look good in the trees, and the site has tons of lanterns in paper, tin and everything else imaginable, too.

    Good luck, and let me know if I can help with anything! I love DIY stuff, and I still love weddings (especially when I’m not mom-of-the-bride and stressed out ;-)).

    Mrs. B.

  • Anady Jensen

    Hello Jessica and congratulation to the up and coming wedding!!!! My name is Anady Jensen, the photographer to the images you have viewable on your blog. I contacted the bride to see if she gave them out w/out my permission and she said no. I’m not to upset, just curious of where you got them.

    On a better note, you have chosen a beautiful place for your wedding. The Sam Davis Home has awesome photo worthy spots during spring time. In saying that have you nailed down your wedding photographer?

    Thank You,
    -Anady Jensen

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