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There is no rule saying that you have to drive away on your wedding night in a limo or a rental car… no matter what the WIC says. E & I were happy to drive off in his old Saturn with extra money in our pockets. Instead though, we had one of our groomsmen's dads bring his souped up vintage convertible for us to just take a couple of pictures with. I am so glad we did this because our fake getaway car pictures turned out pretty hot! 🙂 And it didn't cost us a thing!
Fake Getaway Car
Fake Getaway Car
Fake Getaway Car Fake Getaway Car

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  • That’s awesome.

  • Barnyard Chic Bride

    OK…I may sound like a dumb-dumb here, but what the heck is “the WIC”???

  • Kristin

    The second from the last photo reminds me of the closing scene in Grease!! 🙂 Too cute.

  • Jess- I love your blog and I loved your wedding! I gave you an award on my site! xoxo

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