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Paper for DIY Projects

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Blank white card and envelope with eucalyptus leaves. Blank invitation.
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This post is about choosing paper for your wedding DIY projects such as ceremony programs and wedding invitations.

Blank white card and envelope with eucalyptus leaves. Blank invitation.
Blank white card and envelope with eucalyptus leaves. Blank invitation.

In case you didn’t know, paper is classified by weight. A paper’s weight is based on what 500 sheets of the paper would weigh. The higher the weight is in pounds, the thicker and more sturdy the paper is. So a 65lb paper might be good enough for a resume but for your wedding programs you probably want something like 110lb if you are doing a single folded sheet. 

Also ‘text’ weight paper is thinner and more flexible than ‘cover,’ which is thicker like cardstock. There are also tons of different textures to consider when DIYing. You can get smooth, plain cardstock at Staples or on Amazon for fairly cheap, but if you want a nicer paper like a linen cardstock you will pay a little more.

If you remember the invitations that I made, these were printed and assembled using 3 different pieces of 110 lb metallic cover. I found this paper at Michael’s and used it to come up with a prototype and I loved it. Then, I scoured the web to find a way to buy this paper in bulk instead of by the sheet. I found it online at www.papercompany.com for much less than I would have paid at Michael’s. Using a metallic cover or Stardream brand paper adds that little extra something to your design. I absolutely love my invites and the way they turned out and I am still so proud of them to this day. 

Some tips for DIY paper goods:

If you’re using a smooth cardstock or metallic cover, use a laser printer if you have access to one. Because the paper is slick and shiny, an inkjet may not permeate the coating on the paper and can easily smudge. 

Linen papers and other papers with texture can absorb the ink more and won’t smudge as easily. 

Experiment with different papers before purchasing in bulk. You don’t want to buy a ton of paper only to find out it doesn’t quite work for what you’re using it for.

Invest in a bone folder. You can find these at any craft store. It makes scoring and folding things like programs so much easier and will help them to look so much nicer!

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