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Realizing I’m roughly 5 months away from my wedding day, I've been on the hunt recently for wedding invitations and other paper goods.  One of my favorite sites has been  They offer a large selection of anything you could possibly need or want in hundreds of designs! Anything from standard invitations, to shower and party cards, to decor!

wedding announcements

After browsing their selections, I learned they offer both wedding invitations and wedding announcements.  This sparked my curiosity and I have to admit, I didn't know the difference between the two.  Like many brides, I want to follow proper etiquette (or, at least attempt to) so I Googled it and learned the following:

Who receives announcements, and when are they sent out?

According to the Emily Post Institute, announcements are sent to those left off the guest list or to acquaintances who might wish to hear the news. Announcements carry no obligation to return a gift, and they are never sent to anyone who has received an invitation.

Ah! This makes perfect sense!  If you’re a bride who’s opting for a smaller guest list, but still want to let others know you've had a huge life event, announcements are the perfect means! You know that great-aunt who lives out of state and might not be on Facebook  or Twitter to hear about your day-to-day happenings? She’s still an important family member, and while you didn't send her a formal invitation to attend, she can still be included in what’s happening in your life! Plus, announcements are MUCH cheaper and budget friendly than paying for additional meals or guests at your wedding! This way, there are no hard feelings of being forgotten on your big day! Minted has a wonderful selection of announcements to choose from!

One of my favorites from!

I have to admit, I’m not the most tech (computer) savvy person out there, and I have been known to hand over my lap top on occasion to our IT department asking them, “Just make it work!” and when I applied to be a contributing blogger with Jessica, I warned her to be patient with me as I stumble though the posting process. I've found Minted to be extremely easy to follow, even for me! Minted has step by step instructions on how to personalize your own designs, and even a ‘Getting Started’ section where you can order FREE (my magic word) samples and their own inspiration boards (Think, Pinterest inspiration of invites! Yes, please! I can see myself spending HOURS looking at all the different ideas!).

Inspiration Board

In honor of the five months until my wedding, I made a list of the top 5 things I've discovered about that I just love!

5. Envelope addressing is included

If time is off the essence to you, like it is for me Minted will also address your save the date cards or wedding invitations for you for FREE!


4. Free Samples

As I mentioned before, I love the fact that Minted offers to send you a free sample of invitations you are considering. This way, you can actually feel & see the card in person, before making the commitment! (With some cultural exceptions) you probably wouldn't want to make a commitment to your groom without seeing them in person, would you? Since invites are a reflection of your personal style, you want them to be perfect! To get three free samples, go here.

3. The Font List

Minted lays out all the different fonts you can choose from. I like that you’re able to see the different options side by side



2.  Easy Filtering

The site lets you filter easily by what style of invitation you are looking for. For instance, our wedding colors of black and white. I can just check the little boxes and BAM! All the black & white options have been selected for me to browse though!

filter invite

1. The Design Challenge

I just love that Minted has a design challenge. Upon browsing though their site I learned that winners can submit a design, and receive cash prizes and commission if selected! The designs are from real people, like you and me who had a fabulous idea they wanted to share! I’m thrilled to know that if I choose one of their designs, it supports the artist who created it!


sponsored post

In exchange for sharing my thoughts on Minted's designs and offerings, I was given credit to spend on their site. Rest assured all opinions are 100% my own and are in no way influenced by this exchange. I just like Minted so much that I jumped at the chance to take a little chunk out of my wedding budget with some of their wonderful products. (can ya blame me?)  

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