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Every month or so since getting engaged, I get mailings from various party supply companies. I like flipping through them to glean ideas and compare prices, but I haven’t ordered a single item. And I always flip past the wedding party gifts section which is full of, albeit reasonably priced, canvas bags, water bottles, and the ever present mustache flasks. If I know my bridal party, I know that any of those would sit in a closet unused for months.

While some can’t find room in their budgets for gifts, I do think that giving a little back to your best and hardest working friends can allow a little wiggle room. My philosophy when it comes to gift giving is simple — Will they use it? Is it personal? Is it a little offbeat? If all answers are yes, it’s a good one, and gifts don’t have to be expensive or even bought in a store. Here are a few ideas for Bridesmaids Gifts to get the ball rolling:

Handmade bath and body products

Photo Credit: Cheri Root Photography

Photo Credit: Cheri Root Photography

My personal favorite boutique soap maker is The Dirty Goat. Our fantastically talented wedding photographer, Erica Clark, has been making and selling beautifully scented personal care products since last year.  Her soap line comes in scents of all varieties – Fireside, Fresh Cut Grass, Honey Almond, just to name a few – and are made with natural and organic ingredients such as goats’ milk (of course!), unrefined coconut oil, essential oils, and raw shea butter. The Dirty Goat has also recently launched new products like Rosemary Peppermint Hair Serum and a basil citrus scented cream soap. Giving your bridesmaids a slice of soap made with love also gives them an invitation to pamper themselves, something they’ll surely need after the wedding stress is through!

(Blogger note: My promo of Dirty Goat soaps was not for monetary or compensation purposes.)

Homemade Recipe Jar


There are Pinterest pins galore with recipes and images of tasty treats in mason jars. You could make them something like a pie or cake, already baked, or layer dry ingredients to create a beautiful DIY hot cocoa. To add some extra personal touches, hand letter a tag or jar lid with a note or their initials. And a budget savvy tip for them – after the treats are gone, they can use the jar later for drinking, mixing, or decorating!

Memory Box

Use an old shoebox or cigar box and cover the outside with nostalgic photos. Include their favorite candies, a mix CD of favorite tunes, and other mementos and tchotchkes that remind you of each bridesmaid. This is a great way to show your bridesmaids how much you care for them and value the things you’ve share and your time spent together.

Personalized Robe


You can find these on Etsy, usually sold in bundles, in an array of colors and patterns. I love this gift idea because not only do they look beautiful in getting ready photos, but your bridesmaids can wear them for years to come. Get them monogrammed locally to skip the up charge through the Etsy seller. You could also purchase one for yourself and have your initials or new name embroidered.

Other Options

Whatever you choose to show your appreciation, remember to include a heartfelt thank you note. Your bridesmaids are, of course, honored to stand with you on your big day, but everyone likes to feel loved and appreciated. Especially when they’ve worked hard to help you pull everything together.

So, my questions for the community, did you give gifts to your bridesmaids? What did you give them? Let’s add to this list!

And if you’re on the lookout for more gift ideas, check out this list of bridesmaids gifts!

Editor’s note: Due to the pandemic, some of the general wedding planning advice we share may not be applicable or possible due to restrictions on events. Please adhere to all current regulations and stay safe and healthy! Get more pandemic wedding resources here

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