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The very first decision Derek and I had to make when it came to the wedding what WHEN and then WHERE.

The WHEN wasn't too difficult… it took one afternoon and about three phone calls. Derek and I were born and raised in the south, and that means football is especially important to us and our families, namely SEC football. I am a Tennessee Volunteers fan, while Derek's heart lies with the Alabama Crimson Tide. Needless you say, we are a house divided.


So we both knew we wanted a fall wedding. We started dating in the fall (of 2007), we got engaged in the fall (of 2010), the fall is our favorite time of year, etc. But there was one big hurdle… football. There was no way we could expect our friends and families to give up a Saturday in the fall unless we consulted the 2011 SEC Football Schedule!!!


We came up with a few dates that would work for us (and members of the wedding party, since they all cheer for different teams) and then we went in search of a venue!

My first choice venue was available for our dates, and we could have made it work… but without bashing a company, they just did NOT meet our needs for the wedding ceremony and reception to be held in the same location. We didn't have to look much further to find THE spot: Building 8!

It is a big open spacevenue Building 8

With a stage


Exposed beams (that come pre-strung with lights. Love it!)


Plus the venue cost includes tables and chairs (I only have to rent a few more tables for the buffet) and they will be available for me to use the night before the wedding for the rehearsal!


And my favorite part is that the building is an old factory that has been converted and when you walk in the front doors the area is sectioned off with antique windows and doors!


It is just perfect for what we need and want. I will say it one of the most expensive aspects of the wedding at $2,000 but the things I listed as my highest priority were venue and photographer, and therefore, they are both worth the money!


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  • Thanks for sharing the processes of picking your wedding venue with us! I'm sure lots of brides have a hard time deciding the where and then when.

  • Lesley

    On fb, look at The Clay Pot's page. They are located in Chattanooga. Scroll down and look at the "Crider wedding" photos. They did the flowers for the wedding that was set in a warehouse with old windows and doors. I thought it was very coincidental! (especially being so close to Franklin!)

    • I found the picture! That is so beautiful! And they used blue Mason jars just like I am planning on doing. Thank you so much for sharing that!

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