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Picture Frame Photobooth Project

Okay, I have a confession to make. Even though my background is in interior design, and I've been all rah-rah cheerleader-esque excited about DIY decorating projects for my wedding…secretly, I am TERRIFIED of them! The number of things I have to do in the next 2 months is daunting, and I've been experiencing that awful fear of failure that's keeping me from even starting any of the projects on my to-do list! (Does anyone else feel me on this?) Thankfully, after confessing this to my wonderful (and very handy) fiance and asking for his help, we were able to set aside a Saturday together to get started on a few of the projects that have been nagging at my brain for the past few weeks.

One of the bigger projects that we finally started on was the photobooth! (Perhaps you remember me raving about how much I love them ? Or tweeting about my excitement when we went to get supplies to build ours?) Nate and I hopped in the pickup truck, grabbed some lumber and spray paint, and spent an afternoon in the garage getting to work. After laying down two 4'x8′ sheets of plywood, I arranged the picture frames where I wanted the cutouts to be. Nate built a simple framework for the whole shebang so it would stand up, and then routed out the openings.

ture Frame Photobooth

While my handsome man-panion was doing impressive sounding things with power tools in the garage, I headed out to the lawn with my big pile of thrifted picture frames (I think I've spent a whopping $25 on all of them, and I have many more than shown in the picture!) and a few cans of black, white, and grey spray paint. Picture frames have become part of our wedding decor (and I even used them on the invitations ) so I've been hunting for interesting looking frames that would look neat on the photobooth wall, and also suspended from the ceiling or hung on the walls of the church on the big day.

ture Frame Photobooth

Now that the basic structure of the photobooth is made, we have to cover the whole thing in damask wallpaper (which I'm still on the hunt for!); hang the large empty frames over the openings; and fill in the rest of the wall space with smaller frames (filled with pictures of us and our families). Even though I'd like to get it done sooner, we're going to wait until we can actually transport the giant wooden behemoth to the church at the end of December before we put these finishing touches on. (Otherwise, our labor of love will likely be dinged up or destroyed in transit. Sad face.)

I've gotta say, it's been a huge weight off my shoulders to have gotten some big projects started and to have made a plan to tackle other ones in the coming weeks. I don't know how many brides-to-be out there are overwhelmed with DIY projects like this, but I'm guessing it's a lot! If I can offer one word of encouragement, it's this – don't be shy to ask for help! It's called Do it Yourself, not Do it ALL Yourself! There's a misconception that we have to be superbrides and take care of everything on our own, and that's just not true. Share your needs with your fiance, friends, and family, and you'll likely have an army of awesome people supporting you in your efforts. Good luck, you wonderfully crafty wedding warriors!


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