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Plane Themed Wedding in Oklahoma

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I just know you’re going to love this unique budget-savvy wedding as much as I do!! They did lots of DIY and chose a venue that was not only original but also personal as well! Kyle is a pilot so the venue was perfect for their reception! I also love how they made their programs into paper airplanes… adorable, no? Congrats Brittany and Kyle, and thank you for sharing your plane themed wedding with the Budget Savvy Bride!

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Brittany + Kyle

JUNE 27, 2009

The Tulsa Air + Space Museum  |  Tulsa, Oklahoma

Where did you get married?

The Tulsa Air and Space Museum in Tulsa, Okla. Kyle is a flight instructor, so the venue was the perfect, unique venue for our wedding. Plus, we wanted something fun, and our guests didn’t have a lack of things to look at!

What was your budget?

As cheap as possible! We ended up at around $6,500, and we were able to get everything most important to us. Plus, I had tons of fun with the DIY projects to save money. At the end of the day, we were just so excited to be getting married, and we accomplished an unforgettable day for ourselves, our family and our friends, which is exactly what we wanted.

What creative or personal aspects did you include in your wedding?

One of my favorite details was the guest book table. I filled it with photos from the weddings of our parents and grandparents, and our guest book was a photo book of our engagement photos (which I designed, and then ordered from artscow.com for $9). We also had a slideshow of pictures playing in the lobby as people walked into the museum. Pictures speak a thousand words, and our guests loved seeing them all. Another of my favorite details were the programs. We printed them to match our wedding stationery, and then folded them into paper airplanes.
Also, the ceremony was really important to us, so we made sure to spend time on really thinking about elements we wanted, or things we wanted our pastor to share. It was perfect, and so special for us, our families and our guests.

What was the biggest thing you did to save money?

OK, I have three.
First, we did all of our own flowers. I ordered the flowers in bulk for the boutonnieres, bouquets and centerpieces, and for the flowers and all the supplies to put them together, (which was super easy, by the way!) we only spent $200!
Second, I designed my own invitations, and did a lot of searching online to find coupons for percentages off and free shipping to get them printed for cheap. I also fell in love with paperandmore.com. The invitation was mounted on a solid card stock, and when you order paper from them, they can even cut it for you for only a few dollars! That saved me TONS of time and money.
And third, Wedding cakes are EXPENSIVE! So, we decided to do a cake buffet instead! I love cake plates, and it gave me a chance to use all my favorites, and I borrowed others from family and friends. My aunt volunteered to make our two-tiered “wedding cake,” and the others we bought at Sam’s Club for about $10 each. We had a big selection, so there was something there for everyone, and all for less than $150.

What’s the best advice you have for planning your wedding now that you’re on the other side?

Three again 🙂
First, When it comes to making a guest list, you and your fiance need to make the list of who you want to invite, and divide the amount left between your parents. We wanted to invite no more than 200, so we just gave each of our moms 100. Well, we didn’t take into account our own friends, and ended up having to do some last minute cutting before sending invites out. It all worked out, but I could have avoided that stress early on with my own advice.
Second, the internet is your best friend in wedding planning! I found tons of good deals online, including our photographer. I found him on Craigslist, and he was amazing! There are talented people out there that just need a start somewhere, so give them a try! We did engagement photos to make sure we meshed, and we were hooked after that.
And third, just enjoy it! It’s a time like no other in your life, but when you do have slight moments of stress, just remember that after it all you get to be married to your best friend, and begin an amazing life together!

What was your biggest splurge?

My dress. Granted, it was only $600, but it was a larger percentage than all the “wedding calculators” told me I should spend. And ask about special discounts at bridal shops–I saved on my dress by buying the dress off the rack, rather than ordering. It fit perfectly, and saved me 20%! The thing is, it’s your wedding, and you need to feel as beautiful and glamorous as possible.

What was your favorite detail?

The candy buffet. My aunt has a business doing candy buffets, and she did one for us. It was beautiful, and the guests absolutely loved it! She even put our names on the little bags they took home with them, which was a fun extra detail.

What is the most memorable moment of your day?

Seeing Kyle for the first time. It was the moment that I was finally like “OK, we get to do this!” And it was a really special moment to spend a few moments with just him before the whirlwind of everything started.

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