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Planning Our "Mini-Moon" Honeymoon

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My fiancé really wants to take a honeymoon.  Since we got engaged, he’s been rattling off places to visit and where we can go and how much we can afford.  Although I would love a fun vacation, I can’t get passed the idea that after spending 1000s of dollars on a party, we’re going to spend 1000s of dollars on a trip.  Ultimately, the decision was made for us since I will be using most of my vacation days to travel for my bridal shower and wedding.  I just started a new job last summer, and it takes a while to earn and save up vacation days and personal time.  We decided to wait and save (both money and vacation time) for another year and see what we could afford next summer.

However, we do really want to get away after the craziness of the wedding.  Since Memorial Day is a month after our wedding, I suggested we do a long weekend somewhere within driving distance.  I wouldn’t waste vacation days and we wouldn’t have to buy plane tickets.  Kyle was instantly excited that he could start honeymoon planning again and got to work.

We were debating a few cities (Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas were all contenders), but after a too-short road trip to New Orleans to visit a friend last month, we knew that we had to go back! Forget visiting some place new—I want to visit New Orleans when I’m not on a wedding diet!


Just look at that delicious plate from Emeril's NOLA
Just look at that delicious plate from Emeril’s NOLA


We’re trying to be frugal but also work in a few splurges.  We rented a sweet apartment off Airbnb instead of getting a hotel room.  Not only is the cost a lot cheaper, but it is within walking distance to all the local attractions, we get a small kitchen so we can save on some food (or store all our leftovers!), and there is a parking spot so we can skip the $20 a day parking fee.  We’re still working out all the minor details, which I’m sure will happen more after the wedding, but I’m pretty excited about our upcoming “mini-moon” and feel very lucky to be in driving distance to such a fun city!


And gorgeous!
And the city and houses are gorgeous!


Are you taking a honeymoon or mini-moon after your wedding?  How are you going to save some money or do you plan to splurge?

Tara Kreider

is a bride blogger who got married in 2015. You can read her wedding planning posts here.