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POMPS decor from homecoming

A typical homecoming float at my alma mater- pretty elaborate, huh?
This wasn't one that my chapter did, I couldn't find any pics on my computer… so this'll have to do.

I went to college in the south where Greek life is kind-of-a-big-deal. I was an active member for 2 1/2 years before my intense art class schedule kicked in and I didn't have the time to devote to the required activities. But, I will say that one of my favorite (and at the same time, most dreaded) parts of being a member was Homecoming. All our girls put in hours upon hours of time on HUGE projects- the biggest of all being a monster float that we had to instruct along with our assigned fraternity partners. WELL- the things we used to decorate these floats were called POMPS. Pomps are pre-cut square tissue paper pieces that we folded, rolled, and stuffed through chicken wire to make our masterpiece floats. So it kinda hit me the other day that these pomps that we used were the perfect thing to use to make some pomanders for our ceremony decor!


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  • Jen

    You might just have saved me a few bucks too! I’ve been planning to do paper flowers for all of my wedding. Paper flowers are ridiculously cheaper but this would make it even more inexpensive. Thank you for sharing this idea! Now the only problem is having to buy a whole case! If your wedding colors are red and turqouise you wanna go halvsies?

  • Jen

    Oh yeah and…they are flame resistant which is something I was very worried about. Putting candles near paper flowers…uh, not a good idea. But if they are flame resistant…perfect!

  • Oh, I remember “pomping” in college!!! Ha ha ha, thanks for the memories! I was just up there last week helping with Rush a couple nights – I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve been out!!

    This is a great idea! Very cost conscious and creative – and you’re right, I bet that smaller flowers would look better and more realistic!

  • Jessica- I love your blog! The idea about printing up address labels for vendors at a bridal show is genius. It was great meeting you!
    PS- Thanks for the blog comments!!

  • Jessica

    Another thing in common: I went to UTK as well!

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