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Pre-Wedding Test Run

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anne f

Having done events for work I wanted to do everything I could to make things easy for the people helping set-up. As soon as all the decorations and supplies for the wedding arrived at our house we staged a pre-wedding test run and took photos at we could share with our decor helpers.

Mock Table

We labeled the boxes of the decoration supplies and attached the sample photos to each box. Each of our reception tables included a runner that my Aunts helped sew. My mom found the napkin rings at a restaurant supply store and my youngest sister lent a hand spray panting them each silver. The silver julep cups came from Save On Crafts and the votives were from Ikea.

backdrop mock up

Our ceremony backdrop was made up of a photographers backdrop from Amazon, paper star lanterns from Just Artifacts and lace curtains found at a thrift store. We also ordered a bunch of lanterns for the reception ceiling so having a couple of extras let us tie the whole star look together.

We were really lucky to have such an amazing group of people helping us pull together our wedding day. Our ushers took on the responsibility of the backdrop at the ceremony and the reception had set-up included as a part of what we paid for.

In the time leading up to the wedding, decor and supplies pretty much took over our dining room and finishing this test run really allowed us to complete the whole look of the wedding together and feel like things were all organized. What things are you planning to do to make wedding decor easy for whomever is finishing the day of details?




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anne f

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