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I was at the post office mailing off a package and I remembered I needed stamps. So I bought these pretty stamps. Aren't they adorable? I'm thinking if I don't do zazzle custom stamps, these would be suuuuuper cute for the wedding invites. 🙂

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  • Amy

    Hi! I’m recently married and trying to kick my wedding blog addiction, but came across your site today and you have some fabulous eye candy here 🙂 You have killer taste!

  • I am in love with these stamps! I bought the froofy heart ones and then went back and got these for everything. Something about them seems so pretty and carefree and just take some seriousness away from those cheesy hearts!

  • Did you end up choosing these or going with custom wedding postage?

    Another idea would be to do both by getting a stamp from a customizable site that has similar picture and then you would be able to add whatever else you wanted to it and also get a much larger base picture to work with.

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