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Protect Your Identity

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Okay, so… not really. Here's the story. I'd been thinking I might buy a domain name for my little blog here for a while, but never got around to it. Then today, I got a “Google Alert” in my email with the web address Some big meanie out there has taken my name as their domain!! WTF. I went to to look up the info. The worst thing about it was the person bought it LAST WEEK. *Grumble grumble rawr* Who would do such a thing? Well, it shared their email address so I have sent them an email. I'm curious to know what they are planning on doing with the site, we'll see what the guy writes back. (Yes that's right, a GUY's name was under the registrant.) I know I'm not a licensed trademark or anything, I'm just a casual blogger/bride… but really- so not fair. Needless to say I am peeved and the lesson learned is to protect your identity. 🙁

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