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Purple Park Wedding

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The details in this Purple Park Wedding are sure to make you smile! This wedding has so many lovely purple details for you to swoon over so if purple is your fave, you’re gonna love this wedding! The couple got married in a state park (love how they thought outside the box on the venue!) and the area was so gorgeous there were little decorations needed. They were able to pull it all off for around $5k! Hope you love this wedding as much as I did! xoxo Jessica

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Corrina + Brandon

June 20th, 2013

Duffield, Va  |  Naturel Tunnel State Park



What was your wedding budget?

Our budget was $5,000 and we did an amazing job at staying close to that.

Cake – $800

Venue – $100

Catering – $1800

Photography – $500

Decor (w/tables chairs) – $2000

Floral – $400

There isn’t anything else I can think of. Hmmm my grandfather did supply the hay bales we used with the decor.  A lot of our decor was handmade, even some of the favors. We got a lot of ideas off of Pinterest and used etsy as a supply source for most of the crafts.

How many guests did you have?

80 guests



What creative or personal aspects did you include in your wedding?

Purple is my favorite color and I had to have the country burlap. I feel like our venue was perfect for the rustic country feel. My grandmother’s wedding band (who passed two years ago) was used and tied on to my bouquet. It might have been country, but I still wanted to feel like a princess. I’m a Disney fanatic and I HAD to have a disney princess wedding dress! I had the 2012 Cinderella by Alfred Angelo!



What was the biggest thing you did to save money?

We hand made a lot of the favors and the decor ourselves. My dad and maid of honor stained crates for us instead of spending double the price for the already stained. Etsy and Pinterest almost became my best friends throughout the whole process.


What’s the best advice you have for planning your wedding now that you’re on the other side?

Don’t sweat it, because it all comes together in the end. Trust the people around you helping you put everything together because it will be amazing. Just relax and enjoy YOUR day.


Make a checklist a few weeks ahead of time and have it ready on the day before and the day of. Our biggest faux pas? Forgetting the flower girl dress! My husband had to drive back home and get it while I finished getting ready!



What was your biggest splurge?

I consider our biggest splurge to have been the catering and it was worth it! The decor was a little more expensive but we had been buying, making, and creating it over time. We wanted to make sure everyone walked out to an amazing feast!



What was your favorite detail?

My favorite detail would have to be the venue. Between the gazebo and the rolling hills, it just felt like our own little piece of heaven. We got some amazing pictures at dusk. My dad also did a great job with the lights and decorating the inside of the gazebo!



What is the most memorable moment of your day?

The first look, pictures! I am so glad that Amanda and Chad told us about it. It didn’t ruin the sanctity of seeing the bride before the wedding, for us. We had our own special moment and we were able to get rid of our butterflies, talk, and embrace our future for that one little moment before the wedding.




Photography: Bellamanda  //  Catering: Pratt’s BBQ  //  Cake: The Cake Gallery  //  Rentals: Action Party Rental  //  Hair: Head Hunters Salon – (Wise, Va)  //  Flowers: The Blossom Box – (Big Stone Gap)  //  Wedding Dress: Annie’s Room : Alfred Angelo Cinderella 2012  //  Bridesmaids dresses: David’s Bridal


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