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So, I will have you know that I am extremely excited about joining the BSB tribe and I can’t wait to share this journey with you all!  I mean it, my little heart is running around doing Par Core at the thought!  *Par Core*

So, armed with my coffee, my dreams and the support of all those self enlisted members of this sisterhood we call wedding planning/dreaming, I’m diving in!

My name is Lyssah and I am 28 years old.  Just a matter of weeks ago, I was extremely blessed to be swept away into this new season of life by my wonderful fiancé Cameron (and I will try to keep the gushing to a minimum, but if you knew him, you would understand 😀 ). blogger introduction

Ours is a tale that has been swift and strong even as it spans more decades than we have been alive.  If you like all the extra mush, I’m including a link to our proposal story (I warn you, it is long, but what do you expect when the bride to be batches the best laid plans of men and her fiancés proposal has to improv a plan B?).

Here are the cliff notes:

  • His dad was my mom’s youth group back in 1978 in California
  • He grew up in Tennessee, I grew up in California
  • My mom and dad moved to Tennessee in 09/10 (and I had no intention of joining them)
  • I caved and came out here in December 2010
  • July, 2011, I decided to pay a nostalgic visit when I heard my mom’s old youth pastor had a church in town
  • September 30th, I met Cameron and the rest has been a snow ball effect
  • The highlight, we were best friends before we realized we were becoming more and in our dating, it made all the difference

I can almost guarantee there will be more vignettes to wade through, so I won’t overwhelm you now 😉

blogger introductionOn to the wedding fun!  Cameron and I are both fairly pragmatic people, so as we have entered into this season of planning, we knew from the beginning (even before there was a ring) that we wanted to get the most out of our engagement without carrying it’s ghost in the form of debt into our marriage (we have enough haunting from school, thank you very much).  That being the case, we decided to set a budget and embrace the challenge of making it our own.  Now, I promise, I will more than cover all the DIY, research and savvy-ness needed to make it worth your time, but as a jumping off point, I want to present my premise.

Being Budget Savvy goes beyond the starting number on your bank statement and the final tally on the invoice.  My philosophy is comprised of being aware of three different “Bank Accounts” I am encountering and doing my best to make deposits more than I make withdrawals.

First and only because it is the obvious, is my Actual Bank Account.  As I said, I’m not looking into having my wedding create a financial hardship to be dealt with at the starting gate of my marriage.  So, financial wisdom, being thrifty and crafty and planning all come into play.

Second is the Emotional Bank Account.  Between the excitement, true love and sneak stress, there are enough emotions flying around that I wouldn’t be surprised to have a teenage girl tell me to “breath, it will be ok”.  Keeping emotionally balanced will help this process be one of joy and not one I’m looking to just get through.

Lastly, and most importantly, the Relational Bank Account.  Guess what? I’m engaged because a Mighty Man proposed to me.  And making sure we continue to grow our relationship apart from Wedding planning is important.  He’s a champ and has been very supportive during the first weeks of this new season and I have no doubt that it will continue through the duration.  That doesn’t mean every date needs to be wedding talk.  It doesn’t mean I sacrifice celebrating his birthday for the sake of our wedding.  It means I have the opportunity to get to know him in a much deeper and exciting way.  This whole journey has been new to me, as he is my first (and apparently only) real boyfriend.  I am not willing to sacrifice that for the sake of one more detail or the perfect cake.

So, there you have it: my three Budget Savvy Categories.  I look forward to sharing my successes, my failures and my *wide eyed* moments.  It’s gonna be great!


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About Lyssah

Lyssah is a 28 year old California native and Tennessee transplant. Marketing Assistant by day and writer by, well, any other time, she and her fiance Cameron can often be found dreaming, adventuring and just plain galavanting into whatever fun meanders across their path, often with coffee in hand and a pen close by.

Connect with Lyssah
  • Jerrilyn

    Yay Lyssah! I’m looking forward to your creative sucess! Have fun and DON’T stress! Love the “bank accounts”. Praying you keep everyone of them in check.

    • Lyssah

      Thanks Jerrilyn!!! I look forward to keeping you posted via many avenues ;0

  • Kathryn

    Thanks so much for this post!! I recently got engaged as well and was definitely having an “OMG – where on earth do I start???” moment. This was exactly what I needed to get my own game face on and remember that the wedding day isn’t the end of something. It’s the beginning. 🙂

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