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You will wear them once, they may or may not be comfortable and you're probably going to change out of them once you get to the reception. BUT, they are the shoes you will walk down the aisle in and the shoes you wear as you say your “I Do's”. They'll later be stored in a box of memories but for the day, you want them to be special.

I wanted bling. Everything with bling = $$$$$$. So, I found $40 shoes at DSW that were actually VERY comfortable and yellow (matching my bridesmaids dresses).

bedazzling my shoes
My canary yellow wedding shoes, right out of the box from

I decided it was totally within the realm of possibility for me and a glue gun to have an evening together with a glass of wine dazzling and bedazzling my shoes. All it took were some leftover gems from my bouquets I handmade and some rhinestones I picked up from the craft store. (Tip – use tweezers to pick up the rhinestones, stick them to the glue at the end of the hot glue gun to get “just enough” and then place them on your shoe. DO NOT put the glue on the shoe … you're going to get glue everywhere and probably burn yourself. Which is why the wine is important, here).

bedazzling my shoes
A bit of rhinestone action to give the mundane a bit of sparkle!

bedazzling my shoes

What about you? Did you do anything special with your shoes?

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Jennifer is a 30-year old Professional Photographer & Federal Employee living in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Aside from planning a wedding, she spends time with her fiance racing autocross and running her own business and traveling. Jennifer is engaged to John, the "boy from church youth group" who, after 13 years apart, found one another again and are now planning their intimate and budget savvy wedding for 8/31/13 at her mother's log home in the woods.

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  • Laura

    Cute shoes!!! I am in the process of finding my shoes, and I thought I knew what I wanted. However, I think I’ve done so many searches that I don’t know anymore! I definitely want flats, and you’re right-all the bedazzled ones I’ve seen are so expensive. I’m inspired to think outside of the box now and add my own bling if necessary. 🙂

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