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Tomorrow is my big day and while I'm totally pressed for time, I wanted to share a few things I learned. Planning a wedding sucks. No, really, it does. Some parts are fun, some parts are glamorous, but typically it just was a big suck. Things cost way more than you anticipated and don't always work out the way you wanted. As long as you know going in to DO YOUR RESEARCH, you should get out alive. At least, I hope so.

Krystal's Quick Wedding Planning Tips

  • Linens are expensive. Seriously. I had to scale back and do without floor length linens. Oh, the horror! I truly hope that no one will notice and things will work out. I did decide to mix it up a bit and used aqua and peach linens — as well as traditional white ones.
  • Be honest in your hair trial. I would have been stuck with an awkward style if I hadn't been so forward.
  • Think outside the box. No, you don't have to copy every wedding blog's ideas… but some ideas are popular because they work.
  • Don't ignore tradition, but try to create your own. I'm not the kind of bride that wanted “timeless” or “classic” decor. I wanted things that were representative of US. I hope that I pulled that off.
  • When all else fails, try something new. I wanted all my bridesmaids to carry a brooch bouquet. Yea, that just wasn't happening. My brooch bouquet still isn't finished and I only have 24 hours to do so! Argh! I knew the time crunch wasn't going to work… so my girls are all carrying pinwheels. This cost me ZERO dollars since I already had the supplies. Sweet.
  • Don't second guess yourself. I bought my wedding dress the first month I was engaged. It was SO hard to keep my eyes away from wedding magazines or even the dress sections in a department store. You picked out your dress for a reason. Don't hem and haw over the big decisions.
  • Wedding stores are not the only option. ETSY, department stores, and discount stores like Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls pretty much ruled my world. My dress came from Dillards. My dinnerware came from KMart (don't hate on the plastic, it was definitely budget friendly and fit our BBQ theme!). I scoured the Vera Bradley clearance sale for Bridesmaid gifts. Catered alcohol was not in the budget — so kegs it is!
  • Don't buy it unless you NEED it. I have a ton of wedding “Accessories” that I have no use for. Materials to make programs, photobooth props, picture frames, etc. It can be so easy to walk down an aisle and buy everything that's aqua because it's your wedding color. Resist!

And, just so this post is not picture-less, I took fellow Budget Savvy Blogger Lesley's idea and got all tatted up before the wedding.

Wedding Planning Tips

Now, my groom doesn't know about this. I am going to surprise him the day of the wedding. I asked for his favorite song lyrics from “our” song… and here we go. It hurt. I totally love it and I hope my groom does too. If you're in the Tampa Bay area, check out 1603 Tattoo in Ybor City. They were amazing.

Next time you hear from me, I'll be a MRS.!

Wedding Planning Tips

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  • Jen Smith

    Thanks for the tips. I feel like sometimes when I tell people about my "outside of the box" budget saving ideas, they look at me like I have 3 heads. I love your ideas. In fact some of them mirror my own. Thanks for sharing and much happiness on your marriage.

    Jen Smith

  • Krystal, these are great tips! Ditto on the linens… I'm still trying to figure out what to do, but I have 5 months to go.

    CONGRATULATIONS! Have a fabulous day tomorrow!

  • peachyplum

    I definitely agree about looking outside the traditional shops for things. I am at HomeGoods every week finding new things I can use for the wedding!

  • I like her dealio: "Some things are popular because they work" – SO true.

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  • Oh My gosh I could have saved you and made your bouquet I have so many DIY brides that last min send in
    Happy Wedding Day

  • thanks for this useful tips! “Don’t buy it unless you NEED it.” my worst sin, i like hanging outside the box too much that i tend to over see what is the purpose of what i’m doing… thanks again!

  • Krystal,Thanks for giving us the quick wedding planning tips.It's helpful for all.I will definitely take care of all these things on my marriage.
    Thanks a lot!

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