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Has anyone else noticed just how expensive it can be to make a vision become reality?  You may start off thinking (or, if I am being honest, I was thinking, so for reliability, please insert your own theme here) “Hummmm, I want to have a strong literary vibe to my Victorian tea party theme” and before you know it, a dream is born.  It becomes the picture in your head that provides the setting for the day you’ve held so dear in your heart.  Until you actually start putting it on paper and begin to realize just how many pieces you potentially need to bring it about.  This was my conundrum for a while until I learned the secret of thinking outside the box when it comes to re-purposing an item and getting as many miles out of it as you can (I may even play the Proclaimers “I’m gonna be 500 miles” just to prove a point).

As a case study (because each opportunity will be as different as the dream it is facilitating), I’ll use my own example.  As I mentioned, the literary theme is something we are looking to incorporate.  We are writers, readers and all around book lovers, so it is no surprise it has weaseled its way into our wedding.  We are doing flower decorations with book page roses, heart shaped book confetti and a runner of words, just to name a few projects that require a book for two (and hint*spoiler alert for some up and coming DIY tutorials*).  I entered this thinking books should be pretty cheap to pick up, yard sales and Good Will being overrun as they must be with the advent of the Kindle.  Imagine my surprise when it still cost around 2-3 dollar per hardback at Good Will!  That can add up.  It wasn’t until a trip to Dollar Tree that a new revelation began to unfold.

I have wanted for some time to vary the heights and look of our food displays, and why not consider books for this, as I have for everything else.  While at Dollar Tree picking up some candle holders for our tiered serving dishes (*second spoiler of the post*), we stumbled across the sad Island of Misfit (or overstocked) books.  These books are mostly hardcover and are only $1 a piece.

*Photo Credit* Me
*Photo Credit* Me

I was glad to find an easy and cheap solve for the height issue when it hit me!  I could use some of the pages for the confetti without impacting the look or stability of the book….I could also use pages for the roses from here and there.  Being strategic about how many pages come out of each book and even clipping the confetti out of pages still inside turned my 20 books for 20 bucks into a stock house of resources. Three projects from one element. Are there any projects or elements that can be All-Stars for you in your planning?

*Photo Credit* Me
*Photo Credit* Me


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