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I had a reader question come in recently that I thought I would share with all of you. I frequently get questions emailed to me from readers and I do my absolute best to respond to them. (One of the reason my inbox often gives me anxiety- I hate not responding to people who ask me for help.) But this question in particular stumped me- because her plight is a situation I am not familiar with since I am a Shorty McShortPerson. Here's her question:

Hi Jessica
I have been following your blog since I got engaged last December. A lot of your ideas I will be using in my wedding and will allow me to stay within my budget, but there are many problems I am facing that have not been addressed on your blog. The reason for this is that my problems are uinique for a bride, I am 6'5″ and my height is hurting my budget in certain areas. Most obviously is my dress adding length and alterations are going to run me about an extra $370. Shoes I don't even want to discuss ($80++ and selection is limited for formal shoes) 🙁 Also my fiance is 6'7″ so his tux and shoes are also a problem. I was wondering if you had any ideas for a tall bride who doesn't want to get punished financially for being a few inches taller than most. 🙂
Your Taller BrideTall Brides

I tweeted this Q last night and got a Response from a Twitter Follower,@joannraydesigns:

Being tall myself, when I found the gown I wanted I ordered through Pearl's Place, cost for extra length only $100. Netbride is also about the same. Not to mention the gown was silk and $1000 less than what the local store wanted.

In addition to this advice, I would also recommend checking out ebay or sites like or You can search for “extra length” or “added length” (use quotations to find the phrases with words together for better results.) You might be able to find something that way!

Any other tall brides out there reading BSB?

Do you have any advice for our friend here?

We'd love to hear from you!! Leave a comment if so!

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  • Another shoe idea: try checking out Payless' unforgettable moments. Link: . They go up to size 12. They have cute white shoes but they also have the option of dying shoes. Your shoes could be your something blue.

    I used a company called Paradox London and ordered a pair of shoes by their brand, Pink. They have lots of cute options and they are also dyable. These go up to a size 11.

    Another option is They have a large variety of shoes that come in narrow, wide, and extra wide widths. They also go up to size 12.

    Hope this helps!

    Did you check out David's Bridal or Alfred Angelo. A lot of their dresses are offered with extra length. Since I'm 5'11" I went through this option. I paid an extra $100 for length.

  • Jillian

    I'm only 5'11, but obviously that's still a bit taller than normal. =] It really depends on your style. If you want the "big white fluffy princess" traditional wedding dream, then the unfortunate bottom line is that quite a few places charge by length. I would look into having the dress custom made (check Etsy, or tailors/dressmakers in your area). You have to dig through a lot, but I know there are people on Etsy (from my own searching) that do not charge for extra length, or charge very little. Plus, since the dress is being made to your specific measurements, you shouldn't have to pay for other alterations. It won't be "cheap", like getting a $99 dress off the rack at David's Bridal, but it will quite often (usually) be cheaper than a bridal salon, esp. since they are trying to charge you almost $400 for length and alterations alone. If you're a little less traditional and not getting married when it's cold, why not try to find a tea or knee length dress? Most likely a "tea length" dress on you will end up being a bit shorter on you and would look fun and flirty.

    As far as shoes, I assume you mean that you have larger than normal feet as well and that is why shoes are expensive. I wear a 10-11, so can often find shoes in the store, but here's a pretty cool website that offers lots of different styles of shoes in 10+ sizes.

    As far as the tux–no idea. My fiancee is wearing dress pants and a vest with a tie rather than a tux, so I don't have much experience with that.

  • Ann

    Oh my goodness, $370 for altering your gown?? That's ridiculous! I've got a solution you'll love! Check out Gown Studio (, they create custom gowns for a very reasonable price.

    Right now they're offering an exclusive deal…a completely custom made gown, any style and details you'd like for…wait for it…$600!!! Um yeah! The deal is going on right now on my blog: At First Swoon ( Their sample work is seriously freaking amazing!!! Check it out :).

  • While I"m not quite as tall (5'11") I seriously considered a tea length dress for this reason, or making a dress into a tea length dress. For shoes, I would look for something unconventional and maybe hit up stores like Nordstrom Rack as they sometimes go as high as size 12.

  • arlington hughe

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