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Reader Stephanie V. shared photos of her DIY wedding invitations on our Facebook page last week, and I loved them so much I asked her to share them in a post on the blog! Have something you'd like to share with BSB readers? Send us an email- we'd love to take a look! Take it away Stephanie!  xoxo, Jessica

I wanted something rustic and vintage for our invites to go along with the theme of the wedding. After scouring ETSY and many other websites, I couldn't find anything within our budget of $150. An invite with a doily looked pretty simple to put together so I went with it and I'm happy that I did!


What you need (these prices are based on making about 75 invites):

-Brown kraft paper cardstock (5 x 7): $31:
-4.75 x 6.75 Clear Vellum Sheets: $13 Of the Earth-Handmade Paper
-12 inch paper doilies (circle): $21
-Gold and white twine: $8
-Recollections tags in cream: 8.50
-RSVP Stamp: $29
-Envelopes: $13 Walmart online
-Ink for stamp: $1 at Michaels
-Design of invite: Free from the best man, check online for free templates!
-Vellum Glue: $9 Scotch super 77 spray adhesive

We had a very difficult time finding the materials at stores in New Orleans which is why most of the items are from ETSY. We probably could have saved 30$ if it wasn't for shipping.


Cardstock & Vellum- Use your home printer to print the design on the vellum. Be careful to lay each piece of vellum flat after printing so that the ink doesn't smear. After the ink is dry, you are ready to glue the vellum to the cardstock. This is the tricky part of the invite that requires a lot of patience and time. My fiance did all of the gluing and he explained that it's best to spray the adhesive on a piece of cardboard before you put the glue on the cardstock. After you have sprayed it on another surface, grab another object and transfer the glue from the cardboard to the cardstock. You only need a tiny amount to get the vellum to stay put. If you put too much, the glue will show through.

Tags: I water-colored the tags to match the escort cards that I created. After they were painted, we stamped them with our RSVP stamp.

Putting all the pieces together: Lay your invite flat on the doily. Next, fold in the sides of the doily and wrap with twine to hold it together.

I hope this was helpful!

Thanks, Steph



Got a DIY project you'd like to share? Email us! 🙂



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