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Figured I'd reach out to my readers on this one. I, like many others, am in search of the ever-fashionable and chic birdcage veil. However, I think it is preposterous to spend $100+ dollars on a piece of netting. It's disgusting to think of!! So… I was wondering if any of you out there have come across any reasonably priced birdcage veils that were of a reasonable price… I'm hoping to spend less then $50, and as always, the cheaper the better. 🙂 Or if you have a birdcage veil you wore for your wedding and you wanna get it off your hands, lemme know. OR, if anyone knows where I can find the netting, I'll make the darn thing myself. Here's some pics of some pretty birdcage veils… by using the secret and looking at these pics and imagining myself having one, I can will it into being, right? 😉
reasonably priced birdcage veils reasonably priced birdcage veils reasonably priced birdcage veils

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  • You should try the Alchemy feature of! There are so many talented people trying to get their name out there that I’m SURE someone would do it for that price. Check their feedback!

  • Try I bought mine from someone there. They are priced from $35 to $50, including shipping.

  • Elana

    Some of the weddingbee bloggers have made them before! They bought the stuff online it looks like:

    Keep us updated!

  • I bought netting for mine at Walmart to make mine.

  • I forgot to mention who I bought my stuff from: Lo Boheme for the bird cage and Pink Purse for the fascinator.

  • If you decide to make it yourself here are THE best DIY instructions out there! Complete with supply list, detailed instructions, and photos! Enjoy

  • Check out this Etsy seller:
    She has some lower-priced birdcage veils, mixed in with the pricier stuff. I’ve also spotted plain birdcage veil in a few fabric stores, if you want to make one yourself. Good luck!

  • Shamika
  • I just bought mine from here: I got the classic 9″ for just $15! It’s inexpensive enough that you can splurge on a really nice fascinator!

  • Mrs_P

    I got my birdcage veil at Something Bold for $35. They do a great job and are very reasonably priced

  • You can get veiling from Judith M Millinery supply:

    I’m making my own and did a practice run with some inexpensive tulle from JoAnn. Then I ordered a yard of the Russian Netting from Judith M to make the real thing.

    Also, I recently saw a birdcage veil on BravoBride.

    Go birdcage!

    • Annie

      You can buy the russian netting for $1.99 per yard for 9 inch or $5.99 per yard for 18 inch from Haberman Fabrics. A needle and matching thread attach comb or clips.

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  • Hey Jessica! This is so funny; I was just telling a friend today that I’m going to try my hand at making some more veils. I made mine for my wedding – not sure if it’s the style you’re looking for but if yes, give me a shout. It would be fun to make one for you. You can see pictures of it here:

  • Becca

    I also got my veil from It was about $40 and had Swarovski crystals on it. I also noticed they had reasonably priced feather fascinstors and veil jewelry if that’s your thing. I got so many compliments on it!

  • Amy

    I agree! $100 is way too much for some nets and feathers. Ugh! I decided for a longer veil, but I toyed with a birdcage until I realized a longer one was the same price.

    I’d try etsy. It’s an awesome place or ebay. I found some gorgeous shoes on ebay for $15!!

  • Molly

    It is funny that you post this… I was thinking that they were too expensive also. I went to the local fabric store and found the 9″ wide netting for 4 dollars a YARD! In white and ivory. I am in the DC area and was at G Street fabrics; if anyone is interested we could work something out.

  • Amy

    hehe. no actually our shoes (while awesome) is not my surprise. I’m actually impressed you remembered my surprise. Nope, that won’t be revealed until April sadly. I had intended earlier, but I have to wait until the conditions are right to even start the surprise. Mysterious. I promise you will love it.

  • Check out the gorgeous birdcage veils from GaGaVida! Here’s her shop on Etsy:

    She sells many under $50 and can custom make you one as well. Cheers & happy planning! 😉

    Jaime @ “It’s A Jaime Thing”

  • Genie

    I contacted Margot from and she made me a fascinator/veil for only $48NZ (or $25US). I supplied the flowers I wanted (as they match my bouquet) but she can source flowers, feathers, whatever. Her website is and it took her 5 days to make my fascinator.

  • I don’t know if you’ve found anything yet but I saw this on Etsy today and thought I’d share it w/you in case you were still looking:

  • Chelsea

    You can get the Russian Tulle here: ($2 per yard, you only need one) and make the birdcage veil of your dreams in about 5 minutes. Its so easy. I bought a feathery clip at Hobby Lobby and voila! Its super chic and would have cost $150 or more at a bridal shop!

  • Donna Ella

    I make birdcage veils and sell them on Etsy for reasonable prices. I would be more than happy to do a special order for you and would be willing to knock some money off the price for a picture of you wearing my design on your wedding day:)

  • Shyra Richard

    Etsy is probably the best place to get one reasonably priced Also, most sellers will make one custom for you if you see something you like. has several for $30.00

  • Alisa

    My concern with birdcage veils is that the material is short and stiff so it sticks out and away from the face. Has anyone had that problem?

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