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In my last post, Adventures in Dress Shopping, I shared with you I had a wedding dress from my previous marriage that I absolutely loved.

dress 1

Well, I still have that wedding dress. It’s the one thing from my past marriage that I’ve hated to see go, and it’s been hanging in my closet ever since. I’d love to be able to find a great home for it, someone who would love it just as much as I had.  Unfortunately, so far I haven’t had much luck and letting go of my old dress has been almost as big of an adventure as finding my new dress!

When I first started looking for ways to re-home the dress I tried several charities, such as Brides for a Cause supporting breast cancer and Brides Across America which supports military brides. While both are fabulous organizations both charities do not accept dresses any older than 5 years. Since my dress was purchased in 2006, that makes it a few years past their age cut off.

Next, I tried my local Goodwill.  Before just handing over the dress, something in my gut told me to go inside and check out what they currently had for wedding dresses.  I was shocked and somewhat sickened to see dresses in their store had prices from $500+ and one even had a price tag of $1,200!! Now it wasn’t a brand or designer I was familiar with, so maybe that dress was originally worth much more than the $1,200 they were asking, but it just didn't feel right to me. I did not want to see a markup like this on the dress I would donate. I wanted it to help someone looking for a budget friendly wedding gown, not necessarily turn a large profit for the store on something that was given to them.

Eventually I turned to Craigslist and eBay, without much luck. I raised and lowered the price and relisted my dress over and over again. I even had a yard sale where I tried to give the dress away to a radio show host!  The radio station helped with some advertising for my yard sale, and I wanted to thank them (My sale ad went viral – Let’s just say I ended up with TV, Internet, Radio, and print advertising and spent less than $1! How’s that for budget savvy!?!).  Initially they were very excited to try and find a bride who could love my dress, but after several unreturned calls & emails, I eventually gave up. I have to admit, it’s been a somewhat depressing experience that for something which I once loved so much, I can’t find anyone else wanting to look past it’s ‘used’ status (I mean, it was only ‘used’ once for only a couple of hours!)

I’ve had a few friends suggest having a Trash the Dress Party but I just can’t bring myself to destroy it (Or, let someone else destroy it for a Halloween costume). It’s in beautiful condition, and I have faith that someone out there could use it. I don’t care about selling it, just finding the right bride for it. I would feel absolutely honored to have a new bride want to wear my dress again.

So, I’d like to extend an offer to all of The Budget Savvy Bride readers, would someone out there want my dress? Could you look past its ‘previously worn’ condition and over five years of age?  Think of it this way, we buy used dogs and call it ‘rescuing’.  We buy used cars and call them ‘preowned’ or ‘preloved'.  Would someone one out be willing and wanting to rescue my preloved wedding dress?

dress 5

I ran this giveaway idea past Jessica, and I’ve set up an email address.  If you feel you could give my dress new love, please tell me why! I’ll be choosing one bride-to-be and will ship my dress to them to keep. I’m looking for a bride whose story speaks to me.  All we ask is for Jessica to be able to feature your wedding as her Budget Savvy Wedding of the Week after your big day. We’d love to see your photos in the dress and the happiness it brings! Maybe you can even find a way to pay it forward some day.

Here are the dress details:

 Jasmine Bridal

dress 2

Deep V-neckline gown with spaghetti straps. Swarovski crystal beading and Robison-Anton platinum embroidery accented at empire waistline and hemline. Back waist gathers to create the look of a full train.

 I’m 5’9” and never had the hem line altered. I did have the spaghetti straps shortened (but they haven’t’ been cut so they could easily be lengthened again). During alterations, the seamstress also added an adjustable waist band.

Size: Medium (10)

Neckline: V Neck

Designer/Brand: Jasmine Bridal

Style: F821

Silhouette: Empire

Sleeve Style: Spaghetti Straps

Shade: White

Condition: Pre-owned

Purchase Date: 2006

Original Purchase Price – Somewhere between $500-$600

While the tag size is 10, at the time I was about a  ‘street size' 6

dress 8

dress 9

dress 7

dress 4

dress 3



The dress is in wonderful condition! It’s been in a smoke free, dog free home (for anyone with allergies).  No stains, rips or tears.

 A few disclaimers:

This is only open to residents of the USA (I’ll be paying shipping of my dress to you and am trying to keep costs reasonable. I’m not sponsored by anyone).

You will be responsible for any dry cleaning or alterations.

This is the only dress size available. 

Please submit your story to:  

[email protected]

I will be receiving stories though 2/15/2014 and will email a new bride chosen by 2/20/14.  You do not need to include your mailing address on your submission. We can arrange shipping once the bride-to-be is chosen. Thanks for helping me realize my dream of seeing my preloved dress be loved once again by another budget savvy bride!!

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  • Liz Cleek

    I’ve already bought my used wedding dress (and am way different sizes than that,) but have you tried I used them, and so did a friend. We avoided ebay, because it’s flooded with stuff from China (sorry China.) Just a suggestion, if this doesn’t work out!

    • I literally LOLed at your “Sorry, China” comment. hehe

  • Dana

    I have laugh at the ‘Sorry China’ as well! I totally agree, you don’t know what you’re going to end up with from eBay orders from China! Granted, I ordered my veil from a China eBay store and was pleasantly surprised (I didn’t have the highest of expectations to start with but for $20 I figured I could take the risk). Then, I’ve also tried to order some craft supplies from another China eBay store and they were never shipped! Still working though getting a refund on those, it’s been a pain! But, I’ll certain keep in mind if I don’t end up with any takers on my giveaway offer!

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