Reselling Your Wedding Decor

Source: Carolyn Scott Photography

Source: Carolyn Scott Photography

Being a bride on a budget, I’m always keeping an eye out for ways to save money on my wedding. While it may not save money on the front end, reselling used wedding items post-wedding is a great way to recoup some of the costs after the fact. Whether unloading some of our wedding decor or selling my wedding dress, getting some of that money back will be a big help to our bottom line.

One thing I plan to do this summer is to resell my wedding decor that I bought but can’t find a way to repurpose. During wedding planning, I was careful to select pieces that I could reuse as home decor like the wooden lantern we used for cards and the purple candle holder we had on the head table. However, things like rose garlands and aisle markers aren’t things I can see myself reusing ever again.

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I’ve been doing some research on what sites are the best for reselling wedding stuff. We are planning on moving at the end of the summer, and I’ve turned to Craigslist to search for a few things we need. Sure, Craigslist can be a little shady at times… but it’s easy to use and pretty popular. Unfortunately, I’m not getting many responses to my inquiries. This makes me wonder if selling my decor on Craigslist is a good idea. (Not to mention that Lifetime movie The Craigslist Killer that scared me to no end!)

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I’ve glanced at sites like Recycle Your Wedding and Weddingbee, but I’m not too satisfied with their methods (and things seem overpriced). Then there’s eBay of course, but I’d much prefer to hand the box over to a bride than have to ship it. And with colors varying from bride to bride, I’m at a loss. Has anyone tried selling locally via Facebook groups? Reddit? Any other suggestions– I’m all ears!

Have you had any luck reselling your wedding decor? What site did you use? Let us know!

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