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How About We Date Reviews





You might've read here on The Budget Savvy Bride, how big of a fan I am of the dating service How About We! I wanted to create a place here on the blog where you can read all the reviews of the dates that my hubby and I have been on using the service – so that is how this page was born! Here you will find my reviews of How About We Dates that my husband and I have redeemed here in NYC. As people who are new to our city, we've loved the fun and adventurous dates that we have booked via How About We as it has helped us explore different facets of our city in a unique and exciting way! Hope you enjoy my reviews and decide to try out the service for yourself sometime soon!


How About We Date Reviews:



*check back often as we update this page with more reviews!*


You can sign up for free and browse their collection of dates in New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Seattle (they’ll be adding new cities soon). For sharing my review, HowAboutWe has given me a promo exclusively for BSB readers to get $50 off your first date if you sign up through my link! All the links within this post include the promo so if you’re interested, use it to get $50 off! (For every person who signs up with my link, HowAboutWe will give me some credit towards future dates as well– free dates are definitely budget savvy!!) E and I look forward to using HowAboutWe in the future to add a little romance and adventure to our date nights!

NOTE:HowAboutWe for Couples is a membership service. It’s free to join and browse dates. Membership is $18/mo and includes up to 75% discounts on dates, Couples Rewards, and a “Free with membership” date each month. You receive a free 30-day trial when you book a date at the members price. You may cancel at any time by emailing [email protected]!

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