Rowenna’s Simple Postcard Save-The-Dates

 Postcard Save-The-Dates

My mother was adamant that we send out save-the-date notices of some sort. The wedding's in the summer, in tourist season, in a tourist city. Most of the guests are coming from far away! If we don't send them a save-the-date, how will they make plans? I told her that I could easily just call or email everyone on our list to let them know the date, but she was insistent that a save-the-date card would be helpful to our guests.

So, I started researching options. In our quest for simplicity, we are eliminating as many extraneous items off the wedding checklist. Since save-the-dates were not a big priority for us, we were only willing to agree to them if we could find a simple, inexpensive, low-stress way. Fortunately, it really only took a pretty simple Google search to find Vistaprint‘s current, totally awesome promotion: 100 custom-designed photo postcards – at the perfect price – FREE. What?? So I jumped on that, and after a little playing around, came up with a simple, interesting postcard save-the-dates that conveyed all the necessary info. So, for $11.52 of shipping costs, we have 100 save-the-date cards.

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Cost Breakdown:

100 Save the Date cards: $11.52
100 Postcard Stamps: $28
Total Cost: $39.42

Now if only I could find a free promotion for bulk Thank You notes….

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