Rustic Purple Wedding in the Park

A lovely rustic purple wedding for you all today in a public park– gorgeous location for a ceremony, don't you think? I love all the touches of color and DIY that ties everything together. As we say time and time again- DIY can save you money when you do it right! I know you'll love these photos by the talented Kellie Saunders just as much as I did! xoxo – Jessica

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Craig + Janelle

September 15th 2012

Ceremony: Shelby Township, MI at Stony Creek Metro Park at The Sheldon Estates

Reception: Washington Township, MI at The Washington Lions Club

What was your wedding budget?

Our total was around $15,000

  • Dress, alterations and added sash $1200
  • Hall Food, Hall rental and bartender $4300
  • Alcohol $800
  • Flowers and set up $1200
  • DJ $725
  • Photographer $2500
  • Cupcakes $275
  • Rev. $350
  • Ceremony location rental fee $150
  • Chair rental for ceremony, cocktail tables with spandex table clothes and lights for reception $400
  • Limo $500
  • centerpiece supplies $300
  • birdcages $25
  • pictures frames $50
  • chalk boards, easels and lanterns with candles $200
  • Wood S behind head table $40
  • Mr. and Mrs. signs to hold, C&J signs for wine glasses and wood bird cake toppers $55
  • table over lays $100
  • cake stands $75
  • Hurricane candle holders and candles $85
  • Flower girl and ring pillow supplies $25
  • Favor jars, ribbons and jellybeans $250
  • Wood ceremony signs made by my husband and bases painted by me with extra supplies and then professionally painted letters by a friend who paints signs
  • hair styled for free by sister in law who is a hair dresser
  • veil and hair flower $25
  • jewelry $25
  • cello and violin player $250
  • shoes $100
  • wedding party and parents gifts $350
  • my purse $12
  • handmade flowers for all
  • bridesmaids hair made by me $40
  • lavender to throw after ceremony / bags $35
  • place cards free- they were rocks I collected from the ceremony cite beforehand
  • save the dates $100
  • invitations $200
  • thank you pictures and cards $200
  • guest sign in tree $60.

How many guests did you have?

120 guests attended

What creative or personal aspects did you include in your wedding?

I made the centerpieces which included painting the planters to resemble old crackled wood (a look I was previously unaware could be duplicated), We made the ceremony and “last change arrow signs, I made the flower girl baskets and ring pillow (never made a pillow before but figured it out as I went), I made the flowers that the flower girls and bridesmaids’ wore in their hair and the flowers that I pinned to their purses and mine, I painted and sanded the birdcages for the cards and advice and well wishes cages and tied ribbons to them as well as made the signs that went into the picture frames (fancy scissors and layers of colored cardstock), I attached a picture of my deceased grandmother in her wedding dress to my bridal bouquet, family members and the bridal party helped with a lot of the setup, I had guests throw lavender in the woods at the ceremony instead of something non-natural so that it would be biodegradable, environmentally safe and smell good, along with our rev. we wrote our own vows to reflect our love and respect for mother nature, family and friends and God, I purchased all of the cake plates to display our little cupcakes. I requested Carrie Underwoods “mother” song and dedicated it to my mother as she was the one who raised me. My mom is also the one who walked me down the isle. Instead of a sand ceremony we had a tree sapling planted and added soil from my mom’s home and his parent’s home so that it could be planted with their joint soil, in our yard. I collected rocks at the location where our ceremony was going to be held and used them as place cars for guest to be seated at the correct tables ( I also made up the ‘sorta rhyming’ saying that instructed them what to do).

What was the biggest thing you did to save money?

I made most of the things that I was able to which required a lot of research on how to do so. I would find things I loved and then figure out how I could do it myself. We also tried to eliminate unnecessary things that added a lot to the budget like flowers, overpriced reception sites and elaborate invitations.

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What’s the best advice you have for planning your wedding now that you’re on the other side?

The brides and bridal party flowers are important because they are in many of the photos so make sure you love them and that they are the type of hardy flowers that will hold up well after hours out of water, also contrast in the flowers looks great my flower shop suggested that I remove one of the colors in my bridesmaids bouquets just before the wedding which made them blend right into their dresses I wish I would have went with my gut and left the third color flower in so their flowers popped more against their dresses, I also downsized my bouquet at the last minute and it was smaller than I wanted or expected, find a photographer you love and that you get along well with, you spend most of the day with them and it is important that you not only love their work but do not have clashing personalities, let your photographer know if there are special things you want them to make sure to capture like the little details you worked so hard to create or special pictures with your wedding party or new husband, don’t have expectations of what your day will be like to a tee because there will always be things that are different than you imagined, be relaxed and just go with the flow on your big day, if you are able to see the reception cite before your event it might be a good idea just in case there are things that are not set up to your liking, you can save a lot of money if you get creative and make things yourself. This is also nice because you are saving money and getting exactly what you want. Start looking for wedding shoes early as they seem to be much harder to find than I expected.

What was your biggest splurge?

My dress and the photographer as both of these were most important on my list and well worth the splurge.

What was your favorite detail?

I loved so many things about our wedding but it really was the little details that were so special to me. My centerpieces were my favorite. They were my first project and it was amazing to see my vision come to life. It was awesome to see them placed on the tables after having worked on them for so long. I also loved the flowers on the side of our ceremony table. I feel like they added a lot visually and we were able to bring them to the reception cite and include them as part of the decorations so they served a double purpose. I also loved the Mr. and Mrs. Signs that we held in our pictures as well as the lit up cocktail tables (wish we had more, people used them all night)

What is the most memorable moment of your day?

Walking down the isle and then seeing my handsome groom face to face for the first time as we prepared to start the ceremony and become husband and wife.


Photography: Kellie Saunders Photography  //  Cupcakes: Pink Elephant Cupcakes   //  Flowers: Viviano Flower Shop   //   Dress: Arena Bridal and Formal  //   Rentals: Knights Tent and Party rental   //  Caterer: Chef Raymone Catering   //   Venue: The Washington lions Club   //   Venue: Stony Creek Metro Park   //  Bobbi Crank- Cover me up Chair Covers  //  DIY Projects and Decor: Vista Print, Etsy, save on crafts, Blooms and Branches, Pier One Imports, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Ebay

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