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About 2 weeks before my wedding, I was still debating what type of sash to wear with my dress. My dress was beautiful but simple and a sash with a little sparkle would add a lot to my whole ensemble. I had tried on sashes at the shop where I bought my dress, but didn't decide on anything at the time. I then tried on a few more sashes at the shop that did my alterations, but I just couldn't commit to spending $140+ on a sash when I knew I could probably create something for a fraction of that price.I emailed my best friend a few photos of my dress with the different sashes I had tried on to get her opinion. She had worn a sash with her dress and had the sash made by the woman who did her alterations and then ordered her rhinestone applique online (see below, from – this particular applique is currently Out of Stock, but she has a lot of other really pretty appliques). In total, she had spent $45 on the applique and $25 for the sash, so 1/2 the price the stores wanted for a similar sash. She offered to let me use her applique and remove it from her sash if I liked it.


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A week before the wedding, she drove 3 hours to Baltimore with the sash in hand to let me try it with my dress. It was beautiful and exactly what I wanted, the only problem was that her sash was white, so I was going to need to have a sash made to match my dress. I had considered making it myself at first, and I know I could have done it and probably saved about $10 (since the fabric for the sash would have cost me $10 – 15. I decided to contact the shop where I ordered my dress and see if they could make me a sash to match. They said they definitely could and it would be $25. Great, I'm all set. Since we were only a week out from the wedding, she would have the sash shipped to my parents house where I would be arriving a few days later. Yay, done with the sash.

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I arrived at my parents house that Wednesday evening, later that night, I opened the box with the sash, only to find it was the exact same color as my best friend's original sash which was too white for my ivory dress. I panicked without letting Nick know (he couldn't even know I was wearing a sash or he might get ideas of what the dress looked like!!). I emailed the shop because the owner was travelling out of the country, but had been my go-to person. She wrote me back right away (Thank you, Sarah) and said they had an ivory sash in the shop that they used as a sample and I was welcome to go pick it up from the shop, she told me it would need to be washed, and gave me directions. I called my best friend who was awesome, she drove to Salisbury the next morning (about 40 minutes away) and picked up the sash and washed it for me. That night after the rehearsal dinner, I sat there stitching on the applique she lent me – it was my something borrowed at about midnight. It was actually a good thing for me, took my mind off of the little details and I just sat there drinking champagne with my girls and sewing away. In the end, I was really happy with the way everything turned out. We haven't received our professional pictures yet, but you can see the sash in these photos. I think it was perfect and just the right amount of sparkle that my dress needed. I can't thank the bridal shop (Dryden's Dress Shop in Salisbury, MD – formerly A Perfect Dress) or my best friend enough for saving the day with the sash snafoo!!

Here is one of the few photos I have that actually show the sash (we haven't received our professional photos yet). This is from our DIY photobooth, we are playing the annoyed bride and happy groom.


Image via Me.

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