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When you have a lot of people involved on your big day (or you are way too into planning like me), a schedule might be something to help keep you sane.  People want to know where they need to be, what they need to be doing.  You do not want to be interrupted with constant calls during your prep time from people that could potentially stress you out.

On our wedding day, I had to coordinate my parents, the groom, the groomsmen, the bridesmaids, the usher, the flower girls, the photographer, the officiant, the DJ, the caterers, and the baker.  I knew if I wanted to enjoy the day and getting ready, I needed to put something out there for everyone to see.

Creating a wedding timeline was a little overwhelming at first, but once I started, it was actually easier than I thought.

My biggest tip for those getting ready to start their Day Of Planner, work backwards.  The biggest hurdle I had at first was what to assign to what time.  I started with the known end time of the reception and worked until the time I needed to wake up.  It all seemed to fall into place after that.

(Something you did not know about me….I love excel a little too much)

day ofHere is just a snap shot of what I started with.  I had a column for me, the BMs, the GMs, Matt, and Other for those who may need to be involved in certain things but not everything.  Every event had its own color, every person had their own place to be.  NERD ALERT!

Once I was done (and proud of my schedule), I converted it for other eyes so it wouldn't look so overwhelming.  I googled “wedding day schedule template” and came across a cute PowerPoint creation from this poster at Weddingbee

I really wanted to create something more original, but we ran into some drama around the time I had started creating my version, so I just had to spit something out ASAP.

Slide1 Slide2(This is what I sent to everyone.  Names and Locations have been removed)

I sent these out to everyone that would be involved throughout the day (except vendors).  I got the expected snickers and jokes from the guys that thought I was a nerd for doing this, but everyone else seemed to appreciate all my hard work!  I knew the guys would probably forget everything I had given them so I also set up alerts for them in Google Calendars.  Over the top?  Maybe.  But I did not get a single call that day asking what they needed to be doing or what needed to happen next.  The only time I heard from the guys was when I called for an important item.  Everything they needed to do was done and they even had time to sit by the pool for a few hours.

I consider this a success!

Are you creating a schedule for you day? 

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I'm Heather, a 28 year old Tradeshow Account Executive living in Atlanta, GA. Matt and I have been together 8 years and plan to be married May 25, 2013 at our rustic wedding in Atlanta.

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  • Great schedule! I made one too – and we have a super small wedding! It is not as in-depth as yours, but I really think it is going to help everyone be where they need to be, when they need to be there! Love it – good work! And glad to hear it was a success!

  • I have a schedule for certain! Mine is simple with the time down one side, the events in a column and the people involved in their own columns. Way to go, nerds rule!

  • Denise

    This would have helped me SO much! As I posted recently, my wedding was a great time, but had SO many set-backs and imperfections. Sending these to our wedding party would probably have been better equipped in regards to keeping track of time.

  • Jacqueline

    That would totally be me! I find it helps to have that kind of planning for any larger events, and it makes people feel more comfortable to know what’s expected of them.

  • Heather

    Is there any way to get your excel template? I am at the month mark and have hit a road block. I love doing organized schedules, I just can’t even tell where to start!

  • limited time bride

    This looks like an old post but I was curious if the download for the timeline spreadsheet was still available. It looks like its just what I need. Thank you!

  • I can relate to the spreadsheet nerd alert! Excel is part of my daily job so as much as possible I want everything to be organized. Seriously, I have no idea where to start so articles like this really helps me in deciding what to do next after selecting the wedding venue in Sydney. I think I will purchase that savvy spreadsheet because I might miss some items if I plan on doing everything by myself.Doing some research will also consume a lot of time instead of focusing already on other important things. Good thing the staff of Westella Renaissance pointed me to this site that will make wedding planning easier. Thank you!

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