Searching for a Photographer

To me, photography is the one great, tangible keepsake that you get to have forever from your wedding. These pictures will be displayed in your home, mocked by your children as they grow up, shown at your children’s weddings, and displayed at your Ruby Wedding Anniversary: basically, these pictures are a big deal.

When I began looking for a wedding photographer I went in with a couple of things in mind:

1. Style: I think it is a good idea to go in knowing or at least having some sort of idea of what kind of pictures you like. I would say that the style of photography that I am most attracted to is photojournalism-esque pictures. With that being said I wanted someone who had a creative eye, was energetic, and most importantly FUN! I went in thinking that I wanted this photographer to hopefully be involved at and capture every stage of our lives.

2. Price: Before entering into any vendor discussions or meetings I went armed knowing how much of the budget I was able to spend. I knew that this was an area to not skimp on (because of how important it was to me), but I also knew it couldn’t be a budget blaster either.

I met with several photographers. Some just weren’t what we were looking for creatively-wise and others were a perfect match but WAY over our price range.

And then…

We met Ericka.

While trolling on Facebook one day I came across the photos that Ericka had taken for a childhood friend’s wedding and they were beautiful: exactly what I was looking for. I was in Indiana at the time and was able to call and discuss a little over the phone with her what I had in mind for our wedding. She even agreed to create a custom package for Todd and I to suit our needs! Without even meeting her, I knew she was the one and we booked her. We didn’t meet until months later when she took our amazing engagement photos.

wedding photographer

Let’s just say, I love this lady! She is amazing and I can’t wait for her to shoot our special day. She also gives great advice (and a shout out to BSB) on selecting a wedding photographer here. If you are in the Ohio area I would HIGHLY recommend her!

p.s. Todd and I sort of had a bonus engagement session when we wanted to get pictures with our puppy Zoey. For the record, Zoey wasn’t really ready for her picture debut so it turned into more of Todd and I. Here is one of the amazing shots that the highly talented Thor Bisher took for us.

wedding photographer

wedding photographer

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