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We are still waiting (as of 11:30 am) to hear back about our offer. We are hoping to hear something by the end of the day, even though we gave a deadline of Tuesday of next week. It'd be nice to hear something before the weekend… Please say prayers and think good thoughts for us. I am so very ready to have our own place so I can take out all our wonderful wedding gifts and start using them. My lovely Emma Dishes from Pottery Barn, my wonderful KitchenAid stand mixer… I hate that they are in storage collecting dust. I am so ready to start nesting, I can't even explain it!0241

In order to take my mind of worrying about the townhouse… I've decided to take a girl's day with my BFF/MOH S- we're going to go check out Anthropologie at the Hill Center in Green Hills. I also want to wander through West Elm and dream of buying furniture to fill our new (hopeful) home!

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  • I would LURVE that clear bowl for my mixer!

  • Girl! I feel your pain. We have a slightly different situation, but bottom line: most of my gifts are in storage and I’m waiting for our house to be done renovating so that I can DECORATE and NEST. It’s so hard to wait, and Anthropologie is calling my name. I’m refusing to go there until I’m in the house so that I don’t go crazy window shopping. But I can’t wait to paint walls, hang pictures, set up furniture, use my CUTE china plates and everything else that goes with nesting!

  • I know how you feel!! I got a stand mixer back at CHRISTMAS and an ice cream maker attachment in MARCH for my birthday. Do you know where they are? In their boxes. In my room. Gathering dust.

    I’m so ready to be out of the house and in some place new that I can call mine. Some place that I can decorate in my taste and buy wonderful pieces for!!

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