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Simple Crafty Wedding

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This very simple crafty wedding is a great example of how to focus on what’s most important to you. This couple created a great day that they were totally happy with at a budget they were comfortable with as well. The super casual vibe and the fact that they included their honeymoon in their budget makes this wedding extra special. I love the handcrafted paper flowers, too — you know how much I love alternative flower options for a wedding! Okay — on with the feature… hope you enjoy this laid-back, simple wedding!  xoxo, Jessica

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Jenna + David

August 2, 2014

Udora Community Hall  |  Udora, Ontario, Canada


What was your budget?

No Budget-As little as possible
Total Cost: $7733.04

Dress & Attire – $907.27
Make Up- $29.32
Dress- $55
Shoes- $70
Groom’s Attire- $100
Groomsmen Attire- $500 (paid by Groom)
Bridesmen Attire- $152.95 (paid by Bride)

Venue Costs & Rentals – $1041.03
Marriage License- $100
Rental of venue from FridaySaturday– $762.75
Wedding Insurance- $215
Wine Glass Rental- $63.28

Decor and Bouquets – $422.92
70 Paper flowers- $20
Table Cloths & Napkins- $81.08
Floral wire & glue- $27.72
Confetti Supplies- $25.96
16 Baskets- $47.52
Crayons- $16.95
Kraft Paper- $14.68
Signs- $25
Fruit- $64
Miscellaneous- $100

Invitations – $76.39
Invites- $33.89
Postage- $42.50

Jewelry – $47.43
Brides wedding band- $22.60
Grooms wedding band- $24.83

Gifts – $250

Food – $2786.90
Catering- $2,591.65
Pop- $55.30
Water- $19.95
Ingredients for wedding pie- $100
Coffee & Tea- $20

Alcohol – $1401.10
Bartenders- $200
Liquor License- $25
Beer- $815.90
Wine- $360.20

Honeymoon – $800
3 nights hotel- $400
9 nights camping- $400

Paid by Parents of the Bride: $4185.63

Paid by Bride: $1466.31

Paid by Mother of the Groom: $1000

Paid by Groom: $1081.10



How many guests did you have?

In total there were 140 individuals invited to the wedding.  In the end 113 showed up (80%).


What creative or personal aspects did you include in your wedding?

I made the bouquets out of floral supplies and origami flowers.
Our guestbook was an oar that had hung on the siding of our first house when we bought it.
I painted reserved seating signs for special people for the ceremony.
I painted our order-of-events and seating signs.
Our officiant was my husbands Grandad.
Our photographer was my husbands cousin.


What was the biggest thing you did to save money?

We made an effort in every aspect of the wedding to save money, while not sacrificing on things that we really wanted.

In Ontario alcohol sales are strictly regulated, which also results in it being rather expensive. However we knew we wanted to serve alcohol, so we made sure to find a venue that would allow us to provide our own servers and beverages. We also opted to have a beer and wine reception, which cut a lot of costs both with purchasing the actual liquor and with not having to hire very experienced bartenders. I estimate that we saved about $700 by not serving mixed drinks. Also, while we only had to pay our bartenders $200 total, if we had wanted mixed drinks we would have had to go with more experienced servers which would have been $1000 total, saving us $800.

Catering is also a costly item. We opted for BBQ catering, as the cost was only $15 per head for a double portion, plus a travel fee (the venue was a ways out of the city). Also, I had some aunties eager to help and the volunteered to purchase and serve the hors d’oeuvres during the cocktail hour. My parents also purchased a bunch of Filipino food for our after party (which we held on our property, so no rental fees).

We also went with non-traditional dress. I wore a cocktail dress, my brides men were in jeans and dress shirts, my bridesmaids wore jersey dresses, and the groomsmen were in slacks and plaid shirts.

Rather than having an all night dance party, we opted for a lunch reception and then brought the guests to our house (conveniently less than a kilometre away from the venue) for an after party. We had lawn games, brought over the leftover beer & wine, and just hung out. It was a great way to spend some extra time with our loved ones without having to add much cost. Not having a DJ was also a money saver (thank you to a stereo and iPod).

Finally, having family perform the ceremony and take the photos also were a lifesaver. To be fair Grandad is a minister and Michelle is a budding photographer, so we were lucky with that.



What’s the best advice you have for planning your wedding now that you’re on the other side?

Rather than focusing on the numbers, focus on what’s important and figure out how to get what you want in an affordable way. Be confident in your decisions and don’t let others make you feel bad or wrong for making the decisions that are best for you. Every wedding is different and every wedding should be a reflection of the couple. Do the things that you want (while being respectful of others) and you won’t regret a thing.



What was your biggest splurge?

I’d say the honeymoon. While there are certain areas that I wish I could have spent less in, I’m confident that I did the best that I could to keep all costs down. While $800 may not be a lot for a 12 night honeymoon, it was more that I had originally planned to spend. Also spending a full two weeks after the wedding on vacation was such a wonderful thing! We had originally been unsure about whether or not we’d be able to take a honeymoon, so the time and money was well spent!



What was your favorite detail?

To be honest it’s difficult to think of a favourite detail. I think that the best thing was just the feel of the wedding. Everyone was so relaxed and the wedding was just laid back and enjoyable for all.


What is the most memorable moment of your day?

Again, I don’t think there was one moment. I think it was just the combination of having our loved ones all together.



Caterer: Simply BBQ  •  Bartenders: Bottoms Up!  •  Venue: Udora Community Hall  •  Invitations: VistaPrint  •  Dress: SheCloth  •  Shoes: ModCloth   •  Photographer: Michelle Pugsley


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