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Sophisticated Southern Chic

Dear Wedding Gods,

If you could make my reception look like this, I'd really appreciate it. I'd call this look “Sophisticated Southern Chic.” And I have to be able to do this for cheap. Don't forget the cheap part. 🙂

Thanks a mil,



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  • Guilty Secret

    That is one beautiful shot. I love the light behind the fabric.

    Hope the Wedding Gods hear your prayers 🙂

  • Tunji Sarumi


  • LOVELY! It’s a great use of the big space but still feels open and airy.

  • Are you kidding!! This is insane. Oh, dear Wedding Gods. Please make it happen. I am speechless. I love…everything.

  • Chelsea

    What if you used muslin? Muslin is cheap and can definitely be southern chic. Combined with a slightly more rustic chandelier, I think it would be gorgeous.

  • omg, I love your blog! I’ve been working on a post about this very shot! I emailed the venue right away to see if it was budget worthy—since I’m only a couple hours away from it. Alas, you have to be sponsored by a member to be wed there.

    But, yes-this photo encompasses everything I could dream up! So lovely!

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