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Just so y'all know, I'm not THAT upset that I'm not posting. We've actually been having alot of trouble with our internet at the apartment ever since we got digital cable/HD/DVR. It seems that our Comcast signal is being eaten up by our new cable box and our internet is at a standstill, even with the box off. It's SOO aggravating!! I haven't even been able to check my email at home for the last 4 days. Apparently our apartment building's wiring is not able to handle so much at once and it's causing a problem. I personally think it's a bunch of crap and just want to get it fixed, but we've had ALOT of problems with the cable ever since we got it installed a few weeks ago. Anyway, I might not get time to post for the rest of the week, so I just wanted to give y'all a heads up!!

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  • I remember having the same problem when we had it installed two years ago… In the end they had to come again and install an extra device (a hub? I’m not sure) just for our house, so the cable signal would be amplified… I know there’s a way for them to duplicate the signal or something. I’m no cable technology expert but try to mention this when you speak to the company…

  • I hope you get that worked out I enjoy reading your blog. Damn internet!!!

  • Boot camp WILL be worth it!! Hang in there!

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