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I probably won't have a real post for you all today. This weekend was GREAT but exhausting. I dunno if my mind is just on wedding overload right now but last night I felt like crapola! After the 3 hour drive home from Nashville I settled in to have dinner with E and I ended up with a terrible migraine. I've been getting migraines consistently over the last month and I dunno if it is due to stress or too much thinking or what! I saw a doctor this last week about my problems with headaches and he's given me some medicine that will hopefully help prevent them. But that is my lame *ss excuse for not having a post today. Tomorrow however, I will write about my dress shopping experiences and give you all an update on that! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

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  • kay*

    ooooooooooh dress shopping! can’t wait to read the update :o)

    p.s. hope you feel better soon!

  • katrynar

    David’s Bridal has replicas of almost all the dresses you tried on! You should try it! Not all of them are bad 🙂

  • Guilty Secret

    You poor thing… hope your headache problem resolves itself soon.

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