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Update: Me & You is no longer in business.

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When Haynal Papp from Me & You Video contacted me about this new company, I just knew it was a perfect fit for BSB! Video is something that alot of budget brides overlook. I have to admit that I did not allot a portion of my budget for videography, and I woudn't have had a wedding video at all if it hadn't been for my dear MOH's parents who paid someone to film the wedding as a gift to us! Having that footage now means the world and I can't imagine not being able to watch and hear us exchange our vows- it's just so moving!

One way to save money on videography is to have a friend or family member film your wedding day for you. If you choose to go the DIY wedding video route, Me & You Video is an instructional course for them that acts as an insurance policy for you. You can now avoid ending up with a terrible wedding video by teaching your friend or relative how to do the job right! In under an hour, the Me & You Video course condenses years of professional experience into an easy to understand and easy to follow 5 step course that can be watched over and over again to equip your friend or family member with the tools they need to do the job well.videography

The price point for this course is a drop in the bucket when you're looking at paying for a wedding! It's a small price to pay to ensure your memories aren't lost forever. In addition to the course, you also get 2 amazing tools: the Top 10 Do's and Don'ts List and the customizable Shot List. With these tools and the course instruction, any amateur using the Me & You Video course is equipped to do the job right. The risk couples take is now an unnecessary risk, because there's a better option! You can either watch the course online or get a copy on a DVD in the mail- the choice is yours! Me & You Video is offering an amazing introductory price so even more reason to check it out!


Me&You Video sets to change the way couples record their wedding memories on film. Until now, couples wishing to capture their Big Day on video had two choices: hire a professional ($2K-3K in cost), or have a friend or family member film the day for them (free). Me&You Video is the first ever video lesson, taught by a seasoned and award winning professional, that teaches your friend or family member how to film a wedding day the right way. I hope you'll appreciate this idea as much as I do!

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