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Editor's note:

Honeymoon Pixie is no longer in business, so instead we would like to recommend our other registry partner, Blueprint Registry, who offers cash and honeymoon registries to suit your needs! Learn all about their fabulous registry in our feature on Blueprint Registry.

yes, please.

One thing that my hubby and I didn't want to skimp on when it came to our wedding was the honeymoon. Even though we were paying for our wedding ourselves, we knew we wanted a REAL honeymoon– that lovely vacation with each other to bask in the glow of newlywed life, lie by the ocean and drink fruity beverages with little umbrellas in them. We saw eye to eye on this, but sadly our budget didn't allow too much room for a spectacular trip, which I'm sure many budget brides can relate to. In the end we booked our trip on a no-interest credit card and made payments on it for the next year. Not the ideal way to take a honeymoon, y'all– but we did what we had to do to make it happen.


Honeymoon registry

Honeymoon registry

These days engaged folks are lucky that honeymoon registries are really taking off– many couples are already established in their homes with all the dishes and bath towels and coffee makers they need. Now brides and grooms can register for a once in a lifetime vacation with the help of the free honeymoon registry site Honeymoon Pixie! Honeymoon Pixie might as well be the fairy godmother of honeymoons, because they can make all your honeymoon wishes come true with the help of your family and friends! Your dream honeymoon can be customized to include a full spectrum of fun activities at a variety of price points so that all budgets can be accommodated.  And the site is SUPER easy to use and get started! All you have to do is:

Setup Honeymoon registry

Setup your free honeymoon registry in 2 minutes.

Notify Guests Honeymoon registry
Notify your guests with our Facebook connection, email or announcement cards.

View and Give Honeymoon registry
Guests view your honeymoon registry and
give a monetary gift towards your honeymoon.

Redeem Gift Honeymoon registry

Redeem your monetary gift funds at any time
so you can enjoy the honeymoon of your dreams!


 Sounds easy right? Listen to this couple's testimonial of the Australian honeymoon they were able to take thanks to Honeymoon Pixie's honeymoon registry:

Honeymoon Pixie was perfect for us! I researched many honeymoon registries and chose them for their ease of setup (only took a few minutes), usability and cost – they’re the cheapest of all honeymoon registries.

My fiancé and I really wanted to have a memorable trip to Australia so we created a honeymoon registry with all the fun stuff we wanted (eg hotel upgrades, snorkeling, restaurants, surfing, etc). Our guests loved this and we totally maxed out our honeymoon registry compared to our other traditional registry. Once we had collected the gifts, Honeymoon Pixie sent us a check right away for the balance. Having the extra cash definitely made the honeymoon more enjoyable and allowed us to have a very romantic couple weeks. I’d highly recommend Honeymoon Pixie.

Doesn't it sound so stress-free and great? You can read all the fine print and details here. If you're not sure how to integrate an alternative registry into your wedding, Honeymoon Pixie has great Alternate Registry Etiquette advice. The thing I love most about the idea of a honeymoon registry is that your guests get to gift you experiences which in the end, I think, is so much better than stuff. What do you think about using a honeymoon registry? Are you planning to use an alternate registry for your big day?




*Honeymoon Pixie is a sponsor of The Budget Savvy Bride. We only partner with vendors who we believe are relevant to our readers.
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