Storing Pre-Wedding Mess

organizing wedding mess

This used to be a spare bedroom. Now it's the “Wedding Room.”

Hello again readers. It's officially 31 days to the big W Day (as I'm writing this) and I didn't think life could get any crazier. Then, two weeks ago my grandma had a stroke. She passed away last week and dang it's hard to feel good and excited when you're family is grieving. I feel little to no motivation to tackle my wedding to-do list. I can barely be a functioning human being.

Because I lost two weekends of wedding project time to traveling to be with my family I only had one thing left to do — throw money at projects I knew I wouldn't be able to get done. The DIY'd bridesmaid gifts to go with their big gifts went out the window. I bought them something special instead. The snowflake confetti I was going to make for the flower girl to throw was purchased for $3.50 on Etsy. I just had to get some things crossed off my list. I had to do it to make it mentally feel like this wedding is going to happen.

Unfortunately, getting all of this great stuff for the wedding means it has to go somewhere until the big day. We have zero storage space as it is. We don't have a garage or a basement, so our two guest rooms have been getting most of the ever-growing clutter. All of the wedding gifts are going in the downstairs guest room. It's still useable, there's just a couple of stacks of boxes. The upstairs guest room is another story (see photo above). The wedding clutter started in the corner and has just kept growing. Some boxes are labeled and some aren't. I just don't even know what to do with this mess. I abhor clutter so much I keep the bedroom door closed so I don't have to look at it. I just get the new package and open the door, throw it in, and close it up again. I've thought about buying those containers that are plastic and labeling everything, but those containers can be $10 a piece!

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Any ideas out there for a budget-savvy way to de-clutter before the wedding? I was hoping when my mom came she would tackle it….


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