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stress-free and fun weddingAll photos by Josh McCullock!

I can't lie, this stress-free and fun wedding just looks like the best time ever. I appreciate the dainty, feminine, ornately decorated weddings that are featured on alot of blogs… but there's something about this wedding I'm about to share that really just makes me say, “YEAH! that's it!” E and I are so laid back… we're just not into all this mussy fussy stuff… and I think you can have a great wedding without all that. This wedding, shot by Josh McCullock, an Oklahoma-based wedding photog- seems like the effortlessly wonderful theme I'd like to strive for. It just looks so stress-free and fun. Which is exactly what I'm looking for!

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  • oh, i love her dress! and those necklaces. so chic.

  • Whitney White

    Hey! This is my wedding! I’m the bride! Thanks for all the compliments. I think you described it wonderfully 🙂 Good luck on your planning! When it stops being fun take a breather.

  • I love the green non matchy dresses, I just posted on that since I’m going with different shades of green.

  • Janelle

    I love those blue shoes! I really want to wear blue shoes for my wedding in may but can’t seem to find them anywhere. Do you remember what brand and style those were?

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