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When Amy Lynn came to beautify me on my wedding day she brought something special in her bag of tricks. 🙂 She sprayed a little bit of this heavenly stress relief mist on a cloth and put it over my face so I could breathe it in. Sounds hokey, I know- but it totally relaxed me! I have been thinking about it ever since!stress relief mist

I was super stressed out right before we did my makeup because our rental company hadn't set up our tent and was 2 hours late! Not to mention a plethora of other reasons. So Amy Lynn gave me some Stress release mist and it helped settle me down. That little cloth became my security blanket for about an hour, haha! (Who knows, maybe it was all in my head- but I loved it!) One of the oh-so-many cool things about Amy Lynn is that she likes to use all-natural products and this Stress Release Mist is no different!

This stuff is like magic. It's effects are:

– balances nervous system, easing feelings of anger and fear
– reduces stress, tension and irritability
– helps to quell “butterflies” in the stomach
– helps reduce occurrence of tension headaches

Totally recommend it, plan on buying some for myself ASAP. 🙂 You can buy it here.

And for funsies, here's a silly picture of me getting ready after breathing in its soothing powers…makeup

I'm ridiculous.

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    haha, i love this.

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