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Occasionally as a blogger I get invited to different promotional events or given products to review. I'd definitely call it a perk of the job! I truly enjoy networking and meeting new people, as well as hearing inspiring stories from leaders of different companies. So I had a BLAST at the event I attended last week for Oreck, an ‘old' company that is reinventing itself and just happens to be headquartered here in Nashville!

The big party was in honor of the premiere of a new Nashville-centered video promoting Oreck's newest air purifier, the AirInstinct 200. Check out the video below: I do LOVE my Nashville. 🙂


We got to hear from the CEO of the company, who is bringing the Oreck brand out of the ‘insomniac' crowd (they've been known for their late night infomercials) and into more accessible avenues for those of us who do our shopping in big-box stores like Target and Costco. Oreck gave each of the bloggers one of these fancy new air purifiers and I have to say, I never really thought I'd own something like this!


air purifier review


Basically what this puppy does is filter out particles from the air that pass through its 3-filter system. Dirty air isn’t just outdoors. The air in your home has particles in it, such as pollen, dust, pet dander, smoke and other odors. They are so microscopic and lightweight that they can remain suspended in the air for hours.

Compared to other purifiers on the market, this one is like a Mercedes. It's SMART! Instead of having to decide what setting the unit should be on, it detects the amount of disturbance in the air and automatically adjusts! It even changes colors to let you know when it's working extra hard!
air purifier review

It's got a fairly hefty price tag at $499, but unlike other purifiers the AirInstinct 200's special HEPA filter will last on average up to 3 whole years! Most others on the market last between 3-6 months, so the replacement costs are definitely good for the budget. It's also ENERGY STAR® qualified to it uses less power, saving you on your electric bill. The unit itself is sleek and modern, kind of resembling an iPhone, no? It's pretty cute and is definitely not an eyesore– it's also pretty quiet so it's not a disturbance. I would imagine that it would make some great white noise if you like that while you're sleeping! Personally, I put my unit in our living room since that's where we spend the majority of our time with our 2 dogs and cat. If allergies are something that are a constant source of issues for you and your significant other, you might want to consider adding this lovely piece of machinery to your wedding registry! 🙂


*I was gifted this Oreck Air model by the Oreck Corporation to review. All opinions are my own.





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