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Sweating for the Wedding

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Brittany Rice

New Year new you, right? What could be a better motivator for getting in shape than for your wedding? On your wedding day you want to be your most beautiful self and getting in shape and eating healthy is a great way to accomplish that. Many of us start the new year off with the “lose weight” resolution. For me, this year’s resolution was to be “the most beautiful me” by getting healthy inside and out. To achieve this I set forth a few goals for myself to accomplish before the BIG day!


Goal #1:

Run a Half Marathon

I had planned on running the Disney Princess Half Marathon in 2014, but God had other plans in store for me. I became pregnant with my daughter in late 2013 which deferred my half marathon plans one year. I thought to myself “what better way to get back in pre-pregnancy shape than training for a half marathon”. That was my initial motivator. After becoming engaged I knew that I wanted to look my best walking down the aisle, so my motivation to get in shape now increased 100%! Training hasn’t been easy, but having the carrot dangling in front of me of looking extra beautiful in my dress has helped push me along.

Now I’m not saying everyone should immediately go out and start training for a half marathon, but there are great ways to get in shape and involve those standing by your side on your wedding day. Look into local 5k races in your area and encourage your bridal party to run with you. If you want to go even further with incorporating your wedding party, look into races that are the same weekend of your bachelorette party or your wedding. IF you want to add a little extra pizazz…make or order matching shirts for you and all your girls to wear while running together. Here are a few adorable ones that are available on Etsy:

Running before Walking Down the Aisle Workout Tank Top - Bride Workout Tank Top by KTeesDesigns
Running before Walking Down the Aisle Workout Tank TopBride Workout Tank Top
by KTeesDesigns


Keep Calm I'm The Maid Of Honor.Bachelorette shirt,Wedding shirts. bachelorette tanks.Bridal entourage.Wedding Bridal Party by diamondgirlfashion
Keep Calm I’m The Maid Of Honor shirt by diamondgirlfashion


Workout Tank Sweating for the wedding Gold glitter Burnout Shirt Top razor bachelorette party cute sexy running exercise fitness women by BranchBirds
Workout Tank Sweating for the wedding Gold glitter Burnout Shirt by BranchBirds

Goal #2

Eat a Healthier and More Balanced Diet

I hate to admit that when I became pregnant I adopted a lot of unhealthy eating habits. Of course I ate a lot of fruit and vegetables, but I also ate a lot of simple carbohydrates and foods covered with cheese. When pregnant, it is easy to use the excuse that you have a craving or you are eating what you can keep down (morning sickness can be a real pain), but once your baby is born it can be difficult to kick those habits to the curb. A long with my half marathon training I knew that I needed to get my diet in line. So for this I enlisted the help of my Maid of Honor/little sister to get me on the right track.

I am blessed to have a health coach for a sister. Her business http://stripped-fitness.com/ is all about clean eating and basic workouts. I have recently begun her 30-day challenge to kick-start my healthy eating habits and hopefully change my current dietary routines. An added bonus is that my fiancé has decided to do the challenge with me! Not only is this an awesome way for us both to get in shape for the wedding, but a great way to support and challenge each other. I am so thankful to be taking on this new challenge with a few of the people I love the most!

Stripped Fitness 30 Day Challenge
Stripped Fitness 30 Day Challenge

How are you getting in shape for your wedding? Have you made any New Year’s Resolutions that involve your wedding?

What healthy alternatives are you incorporating into your wedding celebrations?



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Brittany Rice

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