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G2B has very few opinions when it comes to wedding planning. He is very easy going and goes with the flow pretty well. But, right after we were engaged, maybe less than a week, he declared that he wanted his men to wear tan groomsmen suits. We had already established that it would be a spring affair, so I did not have any objections either. I think they guys will look great in them!

Tan Groomsmen Suits

{image from}

The plan thus far is to pair the suits with white dress shirts, fun periwinkle ties, and brown shoes. I also have in mind that Andrew's tie is going to be different from the rest of the guys, maybe white or a different pattern. I really like how the tan suits look next to a white gown.

Tan Groomsmen Suits

{Image from With this Ring}

but picture long ties, and no vest

Tan Groomsmen Suits

{image from the Knot}

I am still in love with this trophy boutonierre as well! I hope to find them, but may change out the succulent for flowers, although I do love me some succulents!

Tan Groomsmen Suits

{image source unknown}

We have ruled out linen suits, they just wrinkle too quickly. But we can not decide if they should rent or buy said suits. The store where I bought my dress rents tan suits, and all the accoutrements. But for the price of renting all of that it may be about the same for the guys to buy them. I know that if G2B had a tan suit he would wear it quite a bit. But will the other guys? Any suggestions?

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  • nice!

    i just posted a few days ago on groomsmen attire 🙂

  • I love that look, Anne! Some guys may not feel dapper enough to buy the suits, but I'd say it's up to them. If the price is comparable, it's good that you're being flexible.

    I'd love to have our men in grey tuxes, but I'm sure that's probably too informal for a Friday evening wedding. 😛 Bummer!

  • Steph

    I had a June beach wedding and we did tan suits too. They looked great! My groom had on a periwinkle tie and the rest of the guys didn’t wear any ties, just an open collar. I made pocket squares out of swatches from the bridesmaids dresses for each of them to tie it all together (which cost $1 each). We decided to buy suits for the groomsmen as their gift since we had a destination wedding that required a lot of travel expenses. We managed to not spend a fortune by getting the suits from Joseph A Banks on major sale. They were buy 1 get 2 free! Unreal, right? They run that sale pretty regularly if you sign up for email alerts. They were also super friendly and helpful and shipped all the suits directly to the guys for free and they arrived about 2 weeks after ordering. It was seriously one of the easiest parts of planning- about 20 mins in the store and done. My husband has worn his suit twice since then already. A tan suit is great for any semi formal summer event and I think all the groomsmen really appreciated it and will definitely wear them a ton.

  • El Bilson

    I like the tan suits – especially with the other colors!

  • Emily

    We went to a tux shop and did gray suits and the only option was for the guys to buy the suits. The tux shop threw in free shirt and tie rental since we had to make the guys buy the suits. But really its a better deal because they pay about the same amount as a rental and get to keep their suit. As a gift to the groomsmen my husband wanted to pay a chunk of each guys' cost. So that was the grooms gift-$$ towards their new suit! It was a sweet gesture on his part but even if he didn't do that, the cost was still really affordable for a nice suit the guys will wear again and again.

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