Taylor’s DIY Anthro-Inspired Letters

Has anyone seen the adorable quilted letters from Anthropologie? Well has anyone looked at the price tag on one of those adorable letters? Exactly.

Since one of my many mottos is “I can make it for less”, I decided to take a stab at it. And I’m going to go ahead an apologize for the lack of pictures, I wasn’t sure this project was going to work in my favor.

I found a tutorial for some similar DIY letters, but I can’t track it down now. Basically I found the cardboard letters on sale at Hobby Lobby, traced out quilt batting and material and got to gluing.

T & D (3)
I then used bias tape on the outline and used a few buttons as embellishments.

T & D (2)
Together we have “T” for Taylor and “D” for Derek. I’m not completely sure how, but I plan on using these somewhere at the wedding. Any suggestions on where to put them? Maybe the guest book table?

quilted letters

quilted letters

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