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Tea for Twelve: Tea Party Bridal Shower

You know what's great? When your bridesmaids are of the same mentality as you. Not only am I budget savvy, but so are my awesome  Co-Maids of Honour, S. and V.

I must pre-face this post with the fact that I am one of those blessed brides who just couldn't narrow it down to one MOH, so I have two. BEST DECISION EVER. S. and V. make an awesome team and have been nothing short of fabulous.

Proof of their fabulous-ness? They recently threw me a SURPRISE bridal shower that was super budget savvy.

Here's how they made my day:

1) It was a luncheon tea party! This was basically the perfect “theme” for my shower. It was pretty, but very laid back. Also, the girls rented vintage tea-cups from The Otesha Project, a local Ottawa not-for-profit organization that seeks to mobilize and equip Canadians to create local and global change through their individual and collective choices. So not only was this a budget savvy choice, but also a charitable choice!

tea party
The Otesha Project has a large stock of teacups and saucers, small plates, spoons, forks and freshly laundered table cloths! They can be borrowed for settings up to 400 people. Individuals that seek to borrow Otesha’s event items are encouraged to make a project contribution to The Otesha Project. For more details please email: info@otesha.ca or call: (613) 237-6065

 2) The luncheon was a pot-luck! Everyone contributed a delicious dish. This took some of the work load (and cost) off my wonderful MOHs. However, they did contribute the cutest gluten-free cupcakes in the entire world. Although Dan wasn't present, they made them gluten-free assuming he would end up getting some of the left-overs. 🙂

tea party
Tiny gluten-free cupcakes with cute flags made from toothpicks and scrapbook paper!

3) In lieu of gifts, everyone was asked to bring a recipe to contribute to a scrapbook for me. I really loved this idea because I didn't want people to feel pressured to “shower” me with gifts.  Dan and I have been living together for awhile and we have a tiny one bedroom apartment; we don't need more stuff. Also, as mentioned before, most of our friends are recent-university grads, and I didn't want anyone to feel like they had to spend money.

4) The MOHs DIYed the favors. The favors were homemade chocolate chip cookies and a sachet of pomegranate and blueberry tea wrapped up in fabric and twine with a candy stick. The fabric/twine was something S. had laying around her house and the contents are all super affordable at any local grocery store.

tea party
Extremely cute and thrifty favors!

5) On top of the typical cheesy bridal shower games–clothespins for banned words, TP dresses, guessing my age in childhood photos–the girls interviewed Dan and made a video. They asked him a bunch of questions about himself, me, and our history as a couple. They played it at the shower and paused it just before he gave his answers. I had to guess what he was going to respond. It was very cute, touching, and cost nothing to make (assuming you have a video recording device, which with smartphone technology, most of us do!)

It was a special day I'll never forget! Thanks S. and V.!

* Please note: I, my maids, nor BSB received any compensation for mentioning The Otesha Project or any of the products in this post.
Just thought you'd all love to know the exact sources! *


Danielle Lyrette

is an English teacher from Ottawa, ON, Canada! Before teaching, I was an event planner at the University of Ottawa for the Faculty of Arts. I love reading, experimenting with gluten-free recipes for my hunny, and being crafty!