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If you've viewed my page between yesterday and today, you probably noticed that all of my pics are missing. Woe is me, I have exceeded the bandwidth on my photobucket account. What?! I don't really even understand what that means but apparently I can't upload any new photos until the 15th of this month unless I want to upgrade to a pro account. (Which costs mucho dinero.) What's a girl to do? Who will want to read my photo-less posts? Not to mention, I have some lovely e-pics to share with you all- I am so bummed out by these technical difficulties! Perhaps I will create a new PB account and begin uploading more photos onto it until the other one comes back up… will that even work? Ahhh, I dunno. Anyway… since I won't be posting anything of interest today, I will take this opportunity to remind you to get out there and VOTE!!! No matter whose side you are on, it is your constitutional right and PRIVILEGE to do so. So please, please, please- go to the polls and cast your ballot. I hope it gives you a feeling of accomplishment and pride- I know it did for me! And then head to your local Starbucks and treat yourself to a free cup of coffee- I did this too! I'm excited for a change, whoever the winner may be! Tomorrow our country will be on our way to a whole new America. 🙂 Here's to tomorrow!

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  • you should try flickr! A pro account with unlimited bandwidth is only $25 for a whole year 🙂

  • budgetsavvybride

    I actually already used up my allowance on my free flickr account this month… it might be worth it to upgrade to pro!

  • I love Flickr, and the pro account is totally worth it!

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