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Tequila Bottle Wedding Invitation

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Wedding Invitation

Now that we are only 3 weeks away from the big day (ahh!!) our guests have definitely received their invitations and it is safe to show them all to you!

Our invites took a looooong time to make and even longer to deliver to each of our guests. They were a bit… unconventional. 🙂

Yikes, where do I begin?

Welp, here are all the bits and pieces.

Wedding Invitation

Here’s our step by step process. First we washed and dried the bottles and corks, then the tequila started flowing (not how DIY wedding invitation tutorials usually begin…)! For our guests that don’t enjoy tequila we filled their bottles with the booze of their choice, or sand if we were sending them in the mail (vodka for my parents since they’re more into kamikazees, bourbon for my best friend because until very recently she despised tequila, and homemade vanilla extract for my future mother-in-law).

Pouring Tequila


We bought teal and clear bottles to mix things up a bit. Once they were full of tequila they were corked and dried off.

It took many weeks and lots of e-mails going back and forth, but Adam and I designed the entire front and back of the invitation on PicMonkey. ha! It was a bit ridiculous the amount of time we spent on this, like that rope for instance, it’s really four different images that we cropped together multiple times to make a border…there must have been an easier way to do this entire thing…it was painful.


Adam printed them on sticky backed paper and we set to work cutting them out and writing the names of our guests on the back label. Me mostly writing, and he mostly cutting.

We also made the details sheet and the sand dollar with the R.S.V.P information on the back using PicMonkey. We either glued the details sheet right to the cigar box or we rolled it up like a scroll depending on the shape of the box.

Mexico Wedding Invitation

We cut out the sand dollars and glued them back to back, then tied them with colored string or twine to the top of the bottles.

Wedding Invitations

We packaged each invitation in a cigar box and added a 10 peso coin to the lid. As I said, we tried to hand-deliver as many invitations as we could, but it took a while because we were packaging our invitations in cigar boxes, so we had to wait to get the right boxes from the cigar shop before we finish each invite. This also made each one unique!

There ya have it, our tequila bottle wedding invitations! What do you think!?

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